How is this society working when we have to show our identification papers to sit in a pub? Instead of listing all the things wrong with society, letʼs start with whatʼs right about it as things devolve. If weʼve resorted to forcing people out of ʻdiscretionaryʼ social activities who are not fully vaxxed, how are we managing to stop the pandemic when folks who are jabbed are allowed into the clubhouse with their papers intact and the freedom to be unmasked, even though they may be as infectiously transmissible to those around them (not social distancing) as the exiles who are huddled outside in the cold? How is dividing a quasi-democratic society into haves and have-nots a hallmark of success? 

For many, this requirement to show your papers at the door or the counter of a sanctified establishment is a flashing red warning-sign telling them that they donʼt need to go into that divisive place because of health reasons, not political ones. Most normals probably think anyone whoʼs avoiding a business due to the vaxxport is doing so because theyʼre anti-vaxx, but it could be equally true that the dissenter is choosing to not risk being exposed to potentially unmasked and lackadaisical super-spreaders in a semi-controlled environment thatʼs aiming to pretend as if thereʼs no pandemic anymore other than the odd plexiglass barrier, hand-sanitizing station & masked servers, etc.. Why would anyone want to eat a cow burger in the same dank aerosol mists as their fellow unmasked eaters when they could get sick from them just as easily as they might get sick from the hard-up guy watching them eat the bloody beef through the window who canʼt afford to enter due to his extreme poverty, let alone his political affiliations? 

Has our social circle ever been so obviously divided between those who can afford to pretend that everything is going to work out just fine, despite all dire evidence to the contrary, and those realists forced by circumstance or fate to acknowledge that our planet has never been more fraught with peril for those unable to waltz through the financial threshold of a diner on the best of days? If youʼve been cashing a regular pay- cheque, or donʼt have any financial worries on account of trust funds, house speculations, corporate handouts, offshore tax-havens & the selfish like, you have absolutely no idea what those who donʼt hoard such precious assets are going through at this time. 

After such a tragically useless election, maybe some of this greedy caste are now discovering how furious much of the so-called ʻlowerʼ classes are at the privileged and entitled elitists who comprise much of the Canamerican white establishment. And itʼs not just the purple people-eaters or the freemen of the land ʻwhack jobsʼ who are leading the charge of social dissent. Educated, health-loving, middle-aged women the nation over are rebelling against this colonial code of ethics which says thou shalt not freely eat donuts indoors in public. They live in cities, they do yoga, they watch what they organically eat, theyʼre married to the village tradesmen and they have kids registered in the nearby schools. How long do you plan to keep these Girl Fridays from watching a movie without showing their smartphone papers, when King Trudy the Second can host over-capacity super-spreader events throughout Onterrible and Premier Fart says nothing? One can go into a crowded gym complex and sweat it out with a bunch of vaxxport holders in a cloud of breathable Delta-scented sickness free of masks, yet another can be denied entrance to an outdoor ball-game in an oasis of fresh air because they donʼt want to print up a piece of paper in defence of what they see as their human rights. 

This malicious kind of unkind illogic from all three levels of our condescending, coopted, corrupt & patriarchal government drives normally sane souls to accept disinformation and misguidance because they know deep down that our authorities are withholding critical information and statistics to cover up their own incompetence-related anxieties which they have inflicted upon Jane Public. If sheʼs seen you flip-flop so many times on masks and border closures for instance, then renege on your latest proclaimed salvational reopening folly, guess what? Sheʼs not going to trust you anymore! And why would she, even if you disagree with her positions on vaccinations and/or vaxxports? 

You stand up there with a straight-face behind your rotating podiums and claim the direct opposite from what you said last month while expecting us to continually obey and believe you, even though youʼve oft confessed to being incorrect and either overly hasty or reactionary depending on your latest snafu and subsequent damage control. Sure, we might be barely hanging in there with our numbers compared to our provincial neighbours, but there was a reason we couldnʼt help when they asked us. Itʼs called: our underfunded hospitals are way too full; our nursing resources are overstretched; and thereʼs nothing on the horizon to suggest anything is gonna get better, when Mister Freedom Land and Miss Yoga Pants insist on remaining our most likely to be infected. 

Instead of arguing over the vaxxport et al, we should acknowledge that it represents our systemic failure to resolve the pandemic crises in a timely fashion to our detriment. And if youʼre questioning whether our armed leaders truly engage in fascistic decision-making, check out what the Canadian Joint Operations Commanders wanted to do with us during the pandemic to take hostile advantage of a unique opportunity to apply their propaganda devilries at home. An imperial military confessing to unethically spying on its minority rebels is Fascism 101, so letʼs all watch as the white majority pretends nothing happened as usual, when those whom are discriminated against suffer the consequences of our materialistic societyʼs devious plotting and deceptive conspiracy to harm its poor. 

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