MP Cranbrook Cop recently got his ruddy mug into the news for decrying the “hostile takeover” of frequent environmental offender TecK KominKo by a foreign-owned mining conglomerate, and complicit Nelsonia’s pro-big business Daily Snooze & its oligarchic Dark Star were right on cue as they parroted the accompanying press release by future Canamerican PM Pepper LePue and his Kalgary Konservative Klub frat-boy brotherhood.

In the case of the cop-owned Daily Snooze, they literally quoted Robber Morrison’s press release verbatim, written from the perspective of the Republicanazi-friendly Conservatives and published under their Lone Sheep Publishing byline, as if it wasn’t written by the misogynistic minions of the white power conman from Greater Albertamerica who wants to be Fuhrer Drumpf of the not-so-Great White North. Is it a supposedly independent online media outlet’s job to promote TecK KominKo with glowing praise such as the following sycophantic prose: “Teck is one of Canada’s leading mining companies and is committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, zinc, and steelmaking coal”? Does the bylaw officer in charge of the White Heritage City’s former daily print newspaper know that TecK KominKo has been repeatedly fined for its unforgivable pollution of the Elk River Valley which has drawn staunch opposition from Indigenous tribes south of the border?

Does anyone who’s not a stakeholder of TecK KominKo or an appeasing politician from any of our federal and provincial political cults who all bow down to the male power gods of industry really believe deep down that, “Copper, zinc and high-quality steelmaking coal are required for the transition to a low-carbon world”? Is an increase in steelmaking coal by a repeat climate offender the first thing ordinary people think of when they search about for solutions to our choked planet besieged by hoarding billionaires and their horde of fatuous fools who support the hostile takeover of unions and the working class in service of the greedy Manmorons who manipulate the christo-fascist worldview so that they can fatten their overstuffed bank accounts at the morbid expense of everyone else who doesn’t have more?

One prime betrayer who pretended to be a proud environmentalist that supports the expansion of TecK KominKo’s incremental destruction of the Elk Valley River is ex-Premier Heat Dome Horgsy, judging by the absurd fact that he eagerly joined the board of the offensive mining juggernaut right after bailing on the voters of Brutish Colonia who were fooled by his stealth campaign to reward and enrich sinister companies such as Coastal Passing Gas, the Columbus Basin Distrust & unCanadian nonPacific while they all conspire to plunder and ransack these stolen lands violently handed over to them by the imperial armed forces against the wishes of the benevolent Indigenous stewards who were rightfully here first.

At least the Oak Bay media baron’s Nelsonia Dark Star had the faint courage to write one measly sentence about TecK KominKo’s dereliction of their ecological duties when they added the half-sentence, “in spite of ongoing water quality issues in the Elk Valley,” at the end of a puff-piece paragraph in which, “Teck was also hailed for financially supporting community issues and infrastructure, while the company’s environmental record was also noted,” amid their slathering propaganda about MP Cranbrook Cop’s gunman endorsement of a mining giant’s tyrannical god-given right to destroy the earth in the name of privileged profit for an authoritarian few who control the power-levers of what we laughably call democracy.

Neo-cons like the retired paramilitary Mountie who was reelected MP of the Koots/Columbus riding gerrymandered by Darth Harper believe that “big government” should stay out the influencing business when it comes to imposing vaccines and dealing with a generational pandemic, but then they flip their two-faced dickheads around when a militaristic company founded by Emperor Blaylock to create atomic bombs is under supposed threat from a Swiss outfit with an equally terrible environmental track record, prompting the Republicanazi wannabes flying frucker maple-leaf flags to howl for “big government” to step in and intervene to save their beloved destroyer of airsheds, watersheds & cultural ecosystems just because the deceptive exec-level miscreants employ a few thousand Canamericans who primarily vote for their asinine asses.