Oh Hiiiiiiiii, tis me.

Lady Beastie.

Still on a bit of a posting hiatus but there have been some things I have been thinking and thinking and so I decided it was time to do some sharing on this page. In the open. Not just in my head. Sharing. Being vulnerable. Perhaps some potentially unpopular opinions that I don’t see being talked about enough or at all.

ok here we go….

First off, search the landfill. The Indigenous People of Kanata have every right to protest for as long as they want, wherever they want. It is their land.

Also, hmmmm why don’t the authorities want to search the place there is evidence….hmmmmm…seriously, all ya’ll apparently love your crime dramas, so why don’t the police want to search places where there is evidence. I’m not going to spell it out, I’m sure you can figure it out. Very similar to the very covered up but true story of the highway of tears.  Why were the police so bad at their jobs that for so long they just couldn’t figure out what was happening there….hmmmmm…..that is an interesting rabbit hole that only got talked about oh so briefly in the main stream media.

I know it can be hard for white people to get into the whole ‘land back’ and ‘no pride in genocide’ idea/truth so I like to use the analogy of a sci fi movie. O.K. So. You are living on this planet and these aliens show up and you think cool lets help them out and then they kill you and take your land and commit the worst atrocities and they are still in charge and still committing the most terrible atrocities and you just want your land and your home back from the aliens that came and destroyed everything, including the planet you live on. Does that help?

Summer = Noise Pollution. So much fucking stupid ass old technology bullshit constant uncaring disruptive noise all the time. I guess the summer opens up all the new machine and sound possibilities that winter doesn’t. Cool coo coo coo coo coo coo coo

Are Meta and X not the most obvious super villain names you have ever heard?! Do we live in a Marvel movie now but with only villains? Who are the heroes? Greta can’t do it on her own! Why are we still empowering these companies and these men? WTAF? Also if you drive a Tesla, I am so sorry but you basically support Lex Luther. Why hasn’t there been a new better sm platform we can all be on, better A.I. built by Indigenous and POC and women and compassion instead of greed and yuck?!! Also electric cars are not the answer. Batteries are not the answer. Where do you think they get the heavy metals from? Where does the Electricity come from? These tiny backwards steps will not lead to the paradigm shift that is ultimately needed.

Also ones use and reuse of plastic bags will not have the same effect on the planet as ones use and reuse of clothing.

I get it is hard. So much pressure around looks and fashion and our authenticity because of the patriarchy and unlearning our own internalized misogyny and I know wonderful people who have lovely businesses selling clothing…..and it is almost the biggest global polluter. On par with oil and gas. Not to mention all the unethical practices like child labour, but and also the toxic chemicals found in clothing, not to mention the extreme over production and over consumption. Apparently there is currently enough clothing on the planet to cloth 6 generations. Not the mention the mountains of old cloths changing the landscape in Chile. Look it up. It is a good rabbit hole that I feel more people need to go down.

I’m currently trying to wear what I’ve got. Wear it out, or hand it down to someone who will wear it. I am only going to buy something if I need it and then choose second hand, except undies, I will buy them new, from a good local company. Not on ‘mazon. It’s not a perfect science, it is awareness and choices.

Also when did philanthropy become uncool? Why aren’t all these rich and famous and therefore powerful celebrities showing all the good them and their money can do in the world?! Yes I mean you too Billie!!

In a society of wanna be Kardashians, be a Sinead.


Speaking of R.I.P……..

How How HOW are these old grandpas running and ruining everything? Why are we allowing this to happen? If they expect people to retire at 65 should we not expect the same of them?! Yes I am being super fucking agist right now. If you are over 80 you shouldn’t be running anything except your electric train set or some such thing!! Like WTAF!!!??? How power-hungry and fucking weird must somebody be to even want to still be working at that age. Sick, sick sick people. Mentally ill, needing help, sick old people, mainly men.

Unfortunately Justin T. is of an appropriate being a leader kind of age but he has chosen to play with the grandpas instead of trying to be progressive in any way. So very disappointing. I hope somewhere somehow someone can very seriously tell his face how very very very disappointed Good Downy would have been in him and his lack of movement for the Indigenous people. So unfortunate.

No I haven’t seen Barbie, probably will….hard not to get past the reviews of how white, consumerist and an off putting joke about small pox is also just off-putting….I told you, unpopular opinion.

Also I have not been a fan of many Of Christopher Nolans films, Oppenheimer also sounds pretty male, whitewashed, I would need a good argument as to why I would want to spend my time on it.

Also Perhaps the writers strike will help others see in their industries how the corporatocracy is royally screwing everyone except for a small hoarding mentally ill sick few.

I could go on but those are the main ideas that have been in and needed to get out.

Still feeling so weary of the sm world right now. anyhooooo.

Super appreciate that you made it through all that. It is a lot. My brain is a lot. I’m grateful it is.

I’m grateful you took the time to be here.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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Mucho Danke,

Lisel Lady Beastie