In the last few weeks, we’ve learned that hypocritical Nelsonia is the second-most prolific bear-killing area in Beastly BC, and that the racist Nelsonia Police State has lost a handful of its unnamed armed enforcers who have apparently resigned over their participation in an anti-Black online chat. At the same time, the Chumps of Commerce led by Wormtongue and his oligarch-friendly herronvolk hosted a meeting at their civic monument to unCanadian nonPacific’s technocratic bullying wherein they decided that they were the good people according to their self-appointed high-status in the mythical meritocracy, while anyone who committed any sort of crime or disturbance in their beloved downtown Ghoulie Zone was automatically considered to be a hellion on earth who should be violently stripped of their innate right to be respected even as a disenfranchised and deprived citizen.

The usual suspects on the all-white conservative right-wing mafia list such as the Realtors, the Foodies & the oafish author of the Business Bozos column were in the Kreel Korps Klubhouse to betray their fear of the homeless outsider who doesn’t possess any of the resources, connections & gumnen that they do, and just imagine for a second or more if all of these villainous so-called do-gooders worked together to support the non-extinction of the Autonomous Sinixt, the continued existence of our threatened old-growth temperate rainforest, or even the successful rehabilitation of anyone they deem beneath their snobbish authoritarian self-serving cult of dubious personality.

These Manmoron yes-men keep making the same christo-fascist mistakes by outing themselves as white power misogynists every time they publish corporate-loving local media pictures of themselves out in the open plotting how to ruin the lives even further of those who have already been dispossessed of their dignity and health by the mainstream systemic oppression of anyone who isn’t able or willing to play the billionaire-bro backslapping game of how much they can screw everyone beneath them on Jacob’s Ladder, while they hoard the birthright of every child born today.

Obviously, we don’t want antisocial crimes to occur anywhere in or around this hypocritical town for obvious reasons, but there’s never any consideration for the human beings in dire straits by the forty-five or so cliquish minions who bowed down to the Creep of Police’s public debasement session for the sake of MP Cranbrook Cop’s royal pain-in-the-ass loyalists who blithely serve up cake to the masses on Canada is our home on native land Day, as if the Indigenous matriarchs hadn’t asked them to quit celebrating 150+ years of taking pride in colonial genocide. But when disaffected spirits in the Valley of Lost Souls strike out and rage against the machine fuelled by the picket-fence real-estate profiteering gang’s subservience to the unholy WASP Man, it doesn’t mean that the supposed leaders of big-business worshipping Nelsonia get to demonize, stigmatize, persecute & prosecute those whom they deem morally and ethically beneath their complicit anti-Indigenous virtual avatars of greed and sadistic deceit.

The worsening Creep of Police promised two cop-aligned ‘Community Safety Officers’ for this summer to placate his bloodthirsty torch-bearers, and the quoted descriptions of their brownshirt roles do not make them seem like they’re on the side of the ‘street population’, no matter how much lip-service they pay to liaising with those whom they decree in their finite wisdom as suffering from “substance-use disorders and mental-health issues”. When the pigheaded chief grunts about how the biased ‘Community Safety Officers’ “will not take any enforcement action, but will request a member to attend and simply observe and report until an officer arrives”, he’s not talking about those same city-taxpayer goons supervising or ratting out the boys in blue on behalf of the ‘street population’ for their bigoted psychopathic tendencies in the name of the thin blue line, is he now? Safety is not a two-way street in car-obsessed Nelsonia.

Above all, do not forget that the sneaky Chambermaids of Commercialism’s neocon pyramid scheme is a Republicanzi-affiliated death-squad born again to reward their totalitarian titanic masters, while railroading a huge chunk of the disadvantaged multiverse have-nots into bankrupt despair and disrepair. Shifty Wormtongue and his pervasive network of franchised time-bombs swear that they are supporting those small businesses that are in good standing with their occult ways, but in the reality behind their trademarked smiles, they exist to punish the lesser-thans through their manipulations of gullible Shitty Councils, corrupt insider media outlets & the keystone cops in order to better serve their apocalyptic overlords.