Remember how there was that time I was all secretive about what I was working on, then I hinted about the book and the poetry and what not and now I am just all about it!!

Grown Up Poetry Rhyme Time  !!

I’m pretty sure that is what one is supposed to do at times like these…is be all about it!

While I am behind on the whole order it off my website situation that is of course on it’s way (vacation was beyond amazing, just playing some catch-up…). It does exist and if you are a person who is the Kootenay area that is great news for you!

The first round of hey ho lets give it a go books will be onsite in person, limited stickers and a wee read and all that goodness this

Sunday September 25, 2022

3140 South Slocan Station Road  other wise known as @rustyredstar’s


books are $20!

Like and please do share and if I am so lucky I will see you there!

Mucho Danke!

Lady Beastie