There is a distinct reluctance among proper white folk to describe what we’re seeing trying to destroy Canamerica from within (along with the rest of the planet) as outright fascism masquerading as conservative right-wing freedom fighters who fool a huge chunk of the male supremacist population that doesn’t know how anti-women and anti-multiracial democracy it really is.

The super-villain oligarchic billionaires are winning the day as they become more rich than the pharaohs of Egypt and the emperors of Rome while duping poorer white male power advocates into doing their dirty work for them, whether they’re getting paid or not. There are a lot more supporters of Drumpf and company (plus future-PM Pierre LePue and his Conservative cronies) that are living around you than you probably care to admit, and you’d be surprised how many of them come across as the nice good guy down the block who likes hockey and plays golf with his pro-corporate buddies.

The main reasons we haven’t been able to solve the climate crisis that is costing us much more than tons of money are because most of the white men in charge, plus those who think they’re in charge, are far too eager to be content with the little bit of power they have over the less powerful figures in their colonial-friendly lives spent not thinking about the plight of the original inhabitants of this stolen land.

Old-growth forests, Indigenous rights & youth depression are not forefront issues in the minds of most dopey dudes who are far more focussed on the car they drive, or how much money they make, or what their bros think about the latest woman in their lives whom they’ve failed to treat right. When fascism creeps in the door in the guise of their best mate or their most envied man-child at work, all bets are off in terms of whether or not Canamerica will be able to fend off its authoritarian rot from within. The petty aristocrats who believe they know everything about the knee-jerk economy and inflationary pressures (while ignoring the baby-boomer geriatocracy) are the primary culprits when it comes to voting for the most reactive fighters of freedom crusading in the so-called culture wars, while they and the brotherhood take over the landscape and our cyberspace with their destructive extortionist policies in which cruelty and suffering for those who don’t look and act like them is the point of the entire process.

The evil forces of violent fascism go for the most vulnerable elements of the population first, which is why we’re seeing all these trans events attacked, threatened & intimidated, such as the cancelled drag reading in nebulous Nelsonia which caused even its totalitarian Police State to acknowledge the problem in a belated press release that dubiously promises to protect the minority community — even though they’re the same thin blue-line gunmen who perpetuate the problems of inequality and repression in the first place. If you’re not noticing the noticeable rise of fascistic follies in a community near you, then that likely means you’re a part of the bad team in a battle of good against awful. So from now on, whichever side you’re on, let’s all call fascism what it is when we see it, instead of kowtowing to the grandmasters’ base desires just because we’re looking to get ours at the expense of everyone else less fortunate than us.