Now that everything financial is measured strictly based on oneʼs income, as defined, decreed & enforced by King Turdy the Secondʼs pandemic fiefdom, which serves to protect only the protected set who make the rules at the expense of the unprotected set, all elements considered to be unmanly by the patronizing misogynistic politicos such as arts, culture & anti-racism programs are doomed to failure due to a lack of spendable cash. Industries that were shut down by the male bigots are now being told by the same chauvinistic clerks who control the purse-strings that they get material advantages over the poor shutdown workers because men get to make more income for their accounts, while the banks tell those denied the right to practice their trade that theyʼre out of luck. 

The rampant male supremacy on public display in the authoritarian CoN shows us how anyone whoʼs not a police-state approved white man is seen as a commodity to be traded for corporate power by dicks who mismanage the commodities themselves. Don Ghoulieʼs capstone logic is all about budgets, grants, trickle-down economics, cops & man-stuff. Even the late apology from his golf course cronies about royally messing with endangered heron nests excuses their own confessed ʻnon-profitʼ disgracefulness because they needed to make money at all costs. The cynical CoNʼs long-delayed colonizer plan for their unsafe rotting dock still involves wasting untold amounts of taxpayerʼs money to house an ancient speedboat as a tribute to how much the Ghoulies love to burn gas, make noise pollution & reward their fellow white-power advocates of harmful industry over the interests of our Indigenous — who wish to make our land, water & air better for all, and not just a privileged imperialistic few. Thank goodness the First Nations around this Land of the Lakes Tribe are able to plant non-financial considerations into the latest Canamerican river treaty negotiations, which have never prioritized the salmon, the sturgeon & the cultural lifestyles that flourish around their sustainability. 

Jay Johnston of the Penticton Indian Band sums up these full-circle societal ramifications as such, “The salmon is not just about sustenance and nutrition, itʼs also about cultural values and ceremonies, and bringing salmon back is also about re-invigorating social networks in terms of distribution of food, the ceremonies around the distribution of the food, the teachings from the elders to the youth, the connection of youth back to elders and the community members. All those networks that have been inactive because of the lack of salmon have been re-introduced and re-invigorated as a result of the salmon coming back. It makes stronger, deeper, healthier communities, as a result”. Of course, the regal pursuit of filthy lucre by the white colonialists led to the calamities well described by Nathan Matthew, Secwepemc Nation observer, when he fairly assessed, “the treaty and the construction of the dams are truly the biggest infringement on the lives of indigenous nations ever in our history, and some of the discussion that we have in terms of how to reconcile, how to bring things up to date in terms of the current commitments of government, itʼs not easy, so itʼs a really great challenge”. 

With all three levels of our atrocious white supremacist government in charge of our natural resources for far too many destructive decades, Johnston notes how they “left out not only many voices in the Basin and around the river, but it also left out the environment and the ecosystems and the cultural values that are so critically important to all of us. The voice of Indigenous peoples is crucial and is finally coming about in a way that will affect the treaty in a positive and beneficial way. Most Indigenous communities living along the river system have had to share in the burden, not the benefit, of the river system”. How often does the prejudiced CoN listen to the wise generous voices of its Indigenous residents and elders who have suffered more than most? 

Such discriminatory predations are not limited to WASP-led takeovers of land, water & peoples they do not own, as womenʼs bodies themselves keep being railroaded in the rush to conquer nature for the Handmaidʼs Tale death-cult violently run by money-men like theyʼve always wanted since the Amazonomachy. As Amanda Marcotte sums up, “opposition to reproductive rights and tolerance for sexual abuse go together like peanut butter and jelly. The common thread linking the two, of course, is male supremacy, or, to use an old-fashioned feminist term, patriarchy. As Laurie Penny writes in her new book ʻSexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback,ʼ it’s a culture that’s ʻcomfortable letting men get away with sexual violence but determined not to let women get away with consensual sex.ʼ Indeed, to say ʻcomfortableʼ might be an understatement. Sexual violence and anti-choice ideology are rooted in the same tendency to see women (and often children) as objects to be used and discarded by men, who have no rights or autonomy of their own worth respecting”. Talk to women about how safe they feel in anti-abortion Ghoulieville, and their answers usually involve predatory male perverts. 

We know that the Ghoulie Mobʼs sociopolitical views are much closer to Drumpfism than anyone in the land-holding racket of Nelsonia dares to admit. White elitists here pretend theyʼre liberal leftists and caring socialists, when in fact theyʼve got more in common with the tech frat-boys fuelling Lord Ghoulsʼ court that have revealed themselves to be fascistic-friendly worshippers of the cruel tyrants whom “Canamericans, unlike Europeans who still have an echoing memory of the horrors of 1000 years of feudalism when a tiny class of very rich people literally owned and ran everything, seem to love.” As Thom Hartmann elaborates, “Even when it means we donʼt get what we want, we still embrace wealthy people in politics and tolerate politicians who are openly owned by particular wealthy industries”. If anyone is wondering which wealthy industry owns Captain Ghoulie and his army of sycophantic manservants, look no further than their tourist-trap shrine to Corporal Creel and his unCanadian nonPacific militarized zone of toxic corrosion, which cuts off half of our constricted downtown from Emperor Blaylockʼs degraded waterfront. 

While the Ceeb reports, “Canadaʼs intelligence community will have to grapple with the growing influence of anti-democratic forces in the United States — including the threat posed by conservative media outlets like Fux News”, Chauncey Devega nails the hypocritical CoNʼs entitled sense of Anglo-Saxon superiority when he rails, “the larger neofascist movement are in revolutionary mode, aiming to push American society back before the civil rights era, and perhaps into the 19th century. They seek to reverse the struggle to expand democracy and full citizenship — however unevenly or incompletely — to include Black and brown people, women, LGBTQ people, and other marginalized and oppressed groups. This is part of a much larger strategy by Republicans and their allies to end America’s multiracial and pluralistic democracy, based on the misconception that rights and liberties are a zero-sum game, and that democracy should be exclusionary by design. In this worldview, historically marginalized groups must be continually oppressed, or ʻre-oppressed,ʼ to ensure that white ʻChristianʼ heterosexuals (and other ʻreal Americansʼ) can enjoy their full rights”. How does that Christo-fascist archetype not sound like Olʼ Grandpa Ghouls and his ʻHeritage Cityʼ hockey cult of drinking buddies? 

The swollen head of the Nelsonian police state board prefers to idolize his armed enforcers over the citizens heʼs sworn and mandated to serve and protect, in order to support and endorse the crucifying capitalistic schemes that seek to harm his voters nominally under his care. A religious devotion to deadly weapons to pigheadedly keep the paternalistic ʻpeaceʼ puts Manmorons like Mayor Ghouliani in the wrong sadistic camp, when it comes to crazed conservatives like him prioritizing the making of money over the public safety of their children and seniors from lethal drivers and villainous schmucks owned by their corporate overlords and underlings who live to kiss the diabolical ring. How many times have we seen the Ghoulish Leprechaun in an embarrassing condemnatory civic photo-cop goofily smiling beside beefy white men armed with loaded guns and an autocratic badge that gives them the ungodly right to harass, persecute, arrest, beat, shoot & kill their non-white constituents? Most everybody focusses on private gun-holders after mass shootings, but what about the sanctified bullies on the public payroll who have the anti-choice CoN and pro-abuse courts and bureaucrats on their uncivil side? 

Raw Storyʼs John Stoehr may as well be talking about the Ghoulie Gangʼs psychotic sociopathic systemic failures when he writes, “to be for gun control is to be against white power. Indeed, mass death works in the rightwingersʼ favor whether it comes from bullets or a virus. When a population is scared enough, it will stop turning to democracy to solve problems. It will turn to the party that promises to restore ʻlaw and order,ʼ that is, rule by white power. If they thought they could win, the rightwingers would do what the Confederacy did. Amass an army and invade. As it is, they freelance the political violence, standing against attempts to control the distribution of guns while signalling to the (neo-consʼ) wildcat paramilitaries (like the Mounties and the fruckers) that itʼs time to ʻtake their country backʼ and fight for their ʻfreedom.ʼ Instead of attacking the government, a battle they canʼt win, these paramilitaries hit ʻsoft targetsʼ like schools, churches and grocery stores. When seen outside the context of political violence, the attacks seem random, meaningless. But inside, they look like an insurrection. Because thatʼs what it is in the larger context of democracy, law and white power. To be pro-gun control is to be anti-white power”. Mad Dog Ghoulie controls the guns in this ʻcityʼ, is that a good thing? 

And to make the creepy Conʼs kowtowing to their own thin blue line adherents that much worse, Marcotte explains how there is a “traditional belief that police are there to proactively prevent and deescalate dangerous situations,ʼ as Ramenda Cyrus wrote for the American Prospect just last month, but, in reality, ʻthe cops do not have a duty to protect you, or anyoneʼ… because, you guessed it, the cops have no ʻspecial dutyʼ to act. Still, the false assumption that police do have a legal obligation to protect the public is the source of much of the support for not just basic funding, but often sprawling police budgets that detract from a community’s ability to pay for other services, such as the kinds of mental health services that might prevent some of these (incidents). In truth, there will always be some need for law enforcement, since it’s childish to believe everyone will just obey the law out of communal duty without it. But it is also and equally true that the cops are overfunded and all too often ineffective, often due to being spoiled rotten by both the public and politicians who are caught up in the myth of the hero cop. We need to de-romanticize law enforcement, bring police budgets to heel, and hold cops accountable for doing their jobs, like everyone else is expected to do”. Hear that, Major Ghoulie? Or are you too busy preening like a weaselly grifter with your weaponized agents of unlawful white power? 

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