Today I am giving a big shout out to Jessilyn Leckie for designing my Lady Beastie logos and for being a wonderful human!

She did a fantastic job bringing my vision to life and I am so grateful!

So thank you Jessilyn for being awesome at what you do and for being a fabulous terrific you!

Hard to believe I will be exploring this new venture in a couple of nights….presenting something new as an artist is always an interesting experience.

I have had this idea and vision and now soon I will get to see if it works out the way I was hoping it would!

Hoping for a new vlog tomorrow, but no guarantees (is that actually how you spell that word?! So odd?! I even looked it up!) may not be till Monday or Tuesday.

I will do my upmost to get vloggy stuff of the event this weekend for all ya’ll who are in other places and can’t make it!

Danke so much for being here,


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