The sun is out and my brain is just having at er today!

Good luck to us all….here goes…

Grieving is a wild ride. I guess it is going to be different every time because of whatever ones relationships was. I have a lot to unpack around my dad. The learning is huge and tiring and lovely.

The Met Gala – ooooofffff so much to say. I guess beaders need work too, and seamstresses, and I suppose they can be very covid safe while working so I get all that, and they are raising money for art and I get that. But also that kind of opulence feels so tacky and tone deaf with all that is going on right now. It highlights this separate reality that celebrities and the rich live in which is being more exposed than ever by covid. On one hand I was awed by the fashions, Ken Jen’s dress was beautiful, and controversially I think her sisters outfit did actually hit the mood and strike the right tone of the times, a dark looming evil shadow that can’t see clearly and lurks about all the richy richers ready to drink their souls. It was a deeper statement than I think she realized she was making. Also the constant “Omg you look gorgeous” “you look so beautiful” “wow look at your looks” “wow looks looks looks” Yes well we would all look so gorgeous if we had the privilege of having a team sculpt us over months to make sure we “look so fabulous tonight.” All their woke campaigning for themselves vanishes in a poof of gauche vanity. Why do I watch it then, I don’t have to, nobody is forcing me, I get that, I guess I’ll call it fascination education.

I like that as a new term fascination education, when you educate yourself about something that goes against what you believe. or something like that, it’s new we will work on the definition.

Onto Sci fi and A.I.

Again I’m not saying this news affiliate (see video below) is da bomb however, the tube thought I should check out this vid and I did and it’s part of the whole point of why I am doing this website and not being on the socials.

Do you watch Sci-Fi? I do, as I have expressed before the sadistic nature of entertainment is easier to take for me when it is in space. Cuz hey going to space was already the death mistake as far as I’m concerned. So you are asking for whatever happens up there.

Anyhoooooo in pretty much all Sci-Fi what brings about the extinction of the human race………

Correct, A.I.  and now take a moment to think about what the socials are……

Correct A.I.

Just sayin. Pointing in on out for those at the back who don’t like Sci-Fi so they didn’t get the memo.

This is just the latest. It’s pretty gross tho.

Sorry about the face starring at you. Yuck. The Jezebal article is easy to find.

It is a whole mind fuck not being on the socials for sure. I wonder myself if I still exist and if everybody has forgotten about me? On the flip side I know how gross it makes me feel and that is partially because I know what grossness it is doing to the world and the grossness it was created and is based on. We existed without it before, and I sure hope we can again. Can there at least be something new that we can feel good about clicking on, that isn’t literally designed to make us sick. Renaissance this schiesse!

I feel the need to clarify myself after yesterdays post. My Nflix list. I know it seems like some of the shows I watch are outside my values and that’s true but it is also part of the fascination education. I think hoarding wealth is a very real mental illness festered by the corporitocracy, so no I don’t think a one night stay in a ridiculous mansion is cool, however it is fascinating to me. I’m a sucker for architecture too. You might think given my love of sparkle and what not shows like Bling Empire would appeal, and they used to, but now I just feel like I am watching very ill people being glorified and I find it sad and gross.

Yup as I said, lots going on up there in my brain. Happy I have created this space for me to express myself, where I own the content and the clicks don’t serve grossness. I appreciate your clicks far more than ole Zuck does.

Danke for being here,


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