Gosh. Golly. Today there are so many things to share. I was trying to hone in and get specific, focus. But then I was like why, there are just so many things, and so there are.

First off, a rant:

Rant rant power tools rant rant no respect rant rant men rant taking up space rant rant noise pollution rant rant ridiculous rant rant but also grateful not other noises like bombs rant over.

And now:

Garden! Oh garden! So good! So confusing! So natural! So doing your own thing! So lovely! So fulfilling! So beautiful! Eat away bugs, eat away! (No please don’t, please stop actually.) I’ll just try planting more! Garden! Please grow!

And also:

Sometimes I get super curious in a Sliding Doors kinda way (which I have never actually watched). I wonder about Meg Ryans natural lips, or with the Friends reunion coming up what Courtney and Jen would have looked liked if they had aged naturally. I wonder if they wonder?! I leave Lisa out of that wonder time because she really looks great and natural and perhaps she isn’t but looks more like it. Or what if Angelina had kept her hands to herself? Would Brad and Jen be a beautiful California couple with natural lips and a gorge teen daughter who rebels against their hippy lifestyle on Insta?! Just some other super important stuff I was wondering and shared and now you are perhaps like what did I just read?! What just happened!?

There are so many things. These are some of them. There they are. Are you busy with a lot of somethings? Or do you have some focus times guiding your way?!

I would love to hear about it!

Danke mucho for popping by!

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Mucho Mucho!!

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