Been very uninspired with the smoke game always in play. The war zone of helicopters taking off for hours in the morning. It is a constant reminder of our stupid FOW colonial white racist government and how they always think they are right and refuse to listen, be kind, have foresight and generally be people who should get out of the way instead of constantly fucking it all. So there is that opinion I have.

Also JAHOOOOO to the Canadian women’s soccer Gold! Such a great story. Tears I shed them! This is an important story for so many reasons. Don’t believe me?! Do some research about it. Good, inspiring, important story. Definitely have that opinion.

I will do a whole opinion piece on hugging as I have so mucho to say about it, but for now I would like to direct your attention to all the awkward olympics hugging that happens. Lots of old men hugging young women who are in tiny outfits. I’m not sure how comfortable those girls feels with all that hugging. Their body language tells me not very. Same goes for the other athletes, lots of people trying to hug up in there. It’s weird and fucked up when you start really watching it. In my opinion.

Also feel the need to mention all the penis in the Canadian mens runners outfits, a bunch of the Canadian mens outfits really. The Canadian outfits do seem to show more penis than the other countries. Have a look you’ll see what I mean. Also I am not the only person looking especially when there is just that much penis to be seen. Is it purposeful penis? A way to throw off the other athletes?! Curious, just my opinion.

Also the Canadian Anthem needs more of an update. They started by making it more gender neutral but there are a couple more changes I’d like to make.

Firstly : “Oh Canada, our home on native land”……rings better, more true.

“True Peoples love in all of us command.”  Get rid of patriot. I don’t care if true people doesn’t make sense. The whole thing doesn’t make sense.

to: “Let’s keep our land glorious and free…”  WTF does God have to do with it?

They aren’t even big changes but it makes it better. My opinion

And Next up is all the comments from Canadian athletes so excited to come home to Canada and hug all their loved ones.

Without quarantine? I don’t fucking care about Vaccines vaccines vaccines. Tokyo is exploding with the one niner right now. Why would you not want to quarantine just to keep your loved ones safe and then set an example by commenting about it. WTactualF. Athletes may be super athletic but perhaps not always the most smartest?!  In my opinion. Cuz WTActualF.

And for my last opinion for this heavily opinionated Friyay. Maybe it’s not exactly an opinion but whatever.

At this point if you are somebody who is anti vaxx. (which I’d like to think nobody who visits this site would be, but also just as a general declaration) I am judging you. Openly judging.  In my opinion anti vaxxers are selfish, sadistic, uneducated, ignorant and probably racist and I that is how I feel about it.

K, well, good luck with all your everythings. Mural fest hosting time is coming up, I will keep you informed when I know all the things!

Mucho danke,


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