Come walk with Lisel & Jeff and hear them talk about their favourite romantic comedy movies on the Middle Age Adventure Walks Channel!

To celebrate reaching 500 subscribers and achieving the first level of monetization (while aiming for 1000 subscribers and full monetization, as we’ve already got the needed 4000 watch-hours!), we’re launching a new venture on our adventure walks channel called ‘Talkie Walkies’, wherein we’ll discuss the latest romcom movie we’ve watched, from a middle-aged perspective, which enables us to see things with much truer sight than before; because we truly understand the power of love, having lived with its beauty together for twenty-six years and counting!

Roxanne the movie put Nelson, BC, Canada on the map back in the eighties, and it’s still the beautiful backdrop for a popular 20th century romcom inspired by a tale written centuries ago! So, we’ve decided to do our first Talkie Walkie — a movie review video podcast in which we discuss the latest romantic comedy we watched together — about Roxanne filmed in Nelson, starring Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah & Rick Rossovich, and directed by Fred Schepisi!

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We recorded these videos on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of Sinixt Peoples. We make this acknowledgment to show our respect for the tmxʷulaʔxʷ (homeland), and Sinixt Nation. We feel privileged and grateful to be here, and we invite those reading this to explore their own relationship to place.

Right now, we’re in Nelson, BC, Canada, one of the country’s most underrated travel destinations in 2024, while still being a bit off the beaten path and a hidden gem of a small city by the lake under the mountain peaks! We’ve spent a lot of time in Nelson over the years, so we can show you the ins and outs of a secretly famous place, and check out our walking video shorts on our channel: @MiddleAgeAdventureWalks/shorts

About our channel: We’re middle-aged, but you don’t have to be to enjoy our real-life walking tours! Even at this point in life, it’s okay to start new things, as you never know when you start something where it can lead you. Our walking tours are a great way to relax, travel if you are not able to, see new things, go for a walk & more! For those wondering who we are, we can be seen in the reflections and shadows:)

Join us on peaceful scenic walks (and some not so peaceful!) through Mexican and Canadian cities, villages & nature on Indigenous Land. Every two to three days, we will share videos of our latest walk, which often take place in top travel destinations off the beaten path in hidden gems where tourists choose not to go. Our unique videos offer a serene and tranquil experience (most of the time!), with natural sound, raw footage and no background music or commentary, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the calming (and not so calming!) ambience of nature and real life. Our goal is that through our camera you can discover the beauty of the Mexican pueblos and barrios and Canadian towns and neighbourhoods, while getting away from reality via virtual reality about reality.

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