How can we as a divided society accept that the original inhabitants of this stolen land colonially named Nelsonia are still mistreated as if they are extinct by any political entity with a vested interest in claiming their documented heartlands? Why are the recognized representatives for the Autonomous Sinixt never invited to be at the table when the decisions about their home turf are being made? Diabolically, the Columbus Basin Distrust sowed these seeds of discontent when they eliminated the Salmon Chiefs of the lake peoples from the discussion process because they were the First Nation with the most authority over the resource usage of the rivers downstream. Cut off the head of the snake, and then you have control over the rest of the body. So it was no coincidence when the Distrust’s greedy treaties over contentiously harmful international water rights were signed by imperial financial cartels at the same time that the fatuous Canamerican feds declared the living Sinixt people on this side of the Canamerican security perimetre to be no more.

Anyone who works for the Columbus Basin Distrust, especially those supposed lefty liberals at the top of the exclusionary food chain pyramid, should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating the harms which continue to ravage the Frog people to the point where their totemic leader is forced to occupy their sacred sites in order to validate their existence, which is doubted by their own peers even though they have a unique dialect and mythology that she speaks and learned from her elders. Imagine growing up in your homeland with your mother tongue hidden from you out of reasonable fear of retribution from the white power settlers, and then being told by the unaccountable immoral authorities of a pompously imperious monarch from the other side of the planet that you and your relations don’t exist, while your fellow tribal neighbours apparently collaborate with the do-no-gooders of fascistic Brutish Colonia to deny your inborn knowledge and valid cultural values. How can anyone withstand such overt disrespect and systemic persecution of everything one holds dear?

The white male supremacists that perpetrated the collective abuse of the peoples who survived due to the kinship of the Frog would never be able to handle the despicable injustices that the Autonomous Sinixt withstand on a daily basis if the roles were reversed and it was their Eurocentric “legacy families” that were being told by Others that their inherent family traditions were nonexistent. Is this tragic debacle not the ultimate form of industrial gaslighting, wherein an entire lineage of locals living on the land for millennia is being declared nonexistent by invasive species, despite them loudly declaring their own ongoing existence?

Imagine Mayor Ghouliani of the complicit CoN ever accepting the Lake Peoples’ hypothetical assertion that his leprechaun heritage on his beloved emerald isle was just a figment of his faulty imagination? Would he not be irate to hear that Gaelic and the blarney stone were fictional artifacts of his delusion, especially if these propaganda lies from the fascistic Brits were being echoed by their fraternal Scots?

Anyone non-Indigenous who has anything negative to say about the spiritual talisman of the Autonomous Sinixt should really question where their ire is coming from, and what motivates their likely selfish scorn, particularly if the critic is a white power abuser and/or enabler. It boggles the sane mind that a poncy putz like Major Ghoulie and his vampiric manservants could be tolerated for so long by the boozy ostriches of the Nelsonia Police State, while resilient Marilyn James is condemned by so many entitled yippies who would blanche at the thought of their precious upbringings being ripped out of the fabric of existence by foreign adversaries with the collusion of their supposed allies. Instead of celebrating a true heroine in our midst, the sycophantic politicians and civic white power-brokers trot out their tired coterie of scarlet women and sorcerer overlords to bray about the already understaffed hospital they may just build with our taxpayers money and the ill-earned profiteering of the Columbus Basin Distrust.

Poor struggling unsupported artists and community activists are lured by the temptation of greenbacks offered by the Distrust through the state-sponsored funneling of scant social funds into the crooked industrialists’ blighted coffers, and many of the tiny grant recipients wish they’d never accepted the measly money once they belatedly found out how dirty the demonic cash is and always was. Wouldn’t it be better for everybody if the paid-off ‘leaders’ of the Distrust disbanded their corporate behemoth for no good and handed all the past, present & future assets of the renamed new entity over to the First Nations of this disputed territory for them to steward and govern. Far too many herronvolk who should know better constantly harp about how our Indigenous don’t always work together on common ground, but how laughable are these fallacies when stacked up against the mountains of evidence we have showing once and for all how much white power-mongers will never get along with each other’s sorry asses? Anyone who fears Indigenous sovereignty should be forced to serve for an eternity under the combined Canamerican christian-nationalism of the Ghoulie Gang marching in jackboot lockstep with the WASPy Falconer, MP Cranbrook Cop, future PM Pepe Le Pue & Fuhrer Drumpf’s contagious antidemocratic coup.

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