Even though we all know that polls don’t often reflect the eventual outcome of an election, they sometimes gives hints about the general trends in an electorate, and in this case for Brutish Colonia, John “the Rat” Rustad and his Neo-Conservative Party are getting close to overtaking Premier Dweeby and his Orange Kool-Aid Drinkers if the vote was held today. The primary driver of the Con-servatives’ frighteningly fast rise to political legitimacy at a provincial level is the boost the Rustad Rats are getting from Pierre LePue Poilievre on the federal scene and his brigade of Republicanazi-like loyalists in his caucus such as MP Cranbrook Cop of the Kooky Columbus riding, who recently scored low attendance at his alcoholic “Pints & Politics” gabfest in protesting Nelsonia, even though he is very popular elsewhere in this gerrymandered riding.

In response to the growing threat to his reelection chances, with Ratty Rustad’s party polling withing six-percent of the Non-Democrat Party, embattled Premier Dweeby remarked that, “I just have trouble believing, but we will see, that this anti-science, right-wing extremist perspective will prove successful at the ballot box”. This is where the Premier Dweeb is at his weakest, in his seeming inability to imagine how many Fuhrer Drumpf wannabes there are in Beastly BC, many of them highly willing to usher in a dictatorial movement in the Disunited States and Canamerica in order to resist our multiracial democracy. White male power advocates love the right-wing conspiratorial oligarchic propaganda machine and there are a lot more of these billionaire bro-worshiping bigots around these parts than Point Grey Dweeby could ever conceive of. With the collapse of the Falconers’ B-cup support, all the konservative klub klan members will migrate to the pro-corporate business boys and give the naive Orangemen a run for their union-friendly money.

When it comes to our local provincial riding, MLA Barbie will have to watch her back against the Green Machine, whose granola candidate came much closer to our elected rep than expected in the last vote, so when the BC Con-servatives announce their competitor to Barbie’s pink throne, there will be two parties who stand a chance to knock the Nu-Dippers out of the winner’s circle for the first time in decades. For Dweeby’s sake, hopefully he’s paid attention to how many resisters there were to the provincial health emergency mandates in this area during the pandemic, because if he did, he’d know that there are plenty of anti-leftist fascistic fighters of freedom who want nothing to do with the Orange Crush’s secretive brand of big-city bullying from afar.