The conniving CoN loves to collude with the keystone train-cops of the unCanadian nonPacific Police State who allegedly conspired with Corporal Creel and Canamericaʼs Transportation Unsafety Board “to block a criminal investigation into the (Field) derailment”, according to an ongoing lawsuit filed by the mourning mothers of the unfortunate rail workers killed by apparent systemic negligence belatedly reported by the dithering TSB itself who “found common problems, like failing brakes in cold temperatures, had become ʻnormalizedʼ by CP Rail”. 

To seemingly further prove the Creel Cabalʼs liable faultiness, after “several CP train crews submitted reports outlining dangerous conditions involving braking issues on Field Hill”, TSB Chair Kathy Fox submits that “year after year, the reports were closed… and no risk assessment was conducted and insufficient corrective action was taken” by the Yankee-owned unCanadian nonPacific con-artists in any substantive way. 

Just like any totalitarian militaristic international corporation would prefer, “the only police force to formally investigate the crash was CP’s own federally authorized Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS)”, until “Pam Fraser, the mother of conductor Dylan Paradis, filed official complaints with RCMP, begging them to look into potential negligence in the crash and obstruction by the railway”. After being rebuffed by Skeletor Creel and his USA army cronies in the Cowtown ivory towers of Greater Albertamerica, Fraserʼs subsequent courageous “lawsuit, filed in Vancouver, alleged the TSB caved to threats by CP Rail and muzzled its lead investigator in an ʻelaborate and aggressiveʼ strategy to keep the RCMP from probing the company’s role in the crash”. 

Additionally, the mothers and families persecuted by Mayor Ghoulieʼs favourite railway (as evidenced by the complicit CoNʼs monument to Emperor Blacklockʼs toxic dump down in ʻRailtownʼ where you canʼt catch a train to anywhere, even though our grandmas traveled to the coast from here by rail back in the supposedly less progressive twentieth century) “have also launched a separate suit accusing the company of cutting corners to save money at the expense of workers’ safety”. This bleak condemnation of the Creelsʼ skinflint disrespect of their supposedly essential staff membersʼ lives comes during a labour dispute wherein the locked-out workers have also accused the unCanadian nonPacific warlords of creating a “toxic work environment” evidently compromised by numerous work-safe and labour rightsʼ violations. 

Once a unit of the federal fuzz other than the unCanadian nonPacificʼs own brownshirt mercenary force was finally allowed to investigate the Creel Clownsʼ inability to fix their polluting enginesʼ “old, untested brakes”, the Paramilitary Mounties also found that “extreme cold and an inexperienced trainmaster were all factors which contributed to the fatal CP Rail train derailment in the mountains near the B.C., Alberta border, Canada’s safety watchdog has found”. Now, after being accused of aiding and abetting the unCanadian nonPacific Police Stateʼs coverup of its own purported fatal negligence, “the TSB recommendations center around freight train braking systems and the proposed requirement that CP Rail make improvements in identifying hazards and taking steps to make their train operations more safe”. Does this not prove the mothersʼ allegations that the Transportation Unsafety Board conspired with Ghoulieʼs beloved railway goons? 

Why would any self-serving municipality kowtow to such an evidentially villainous brand infiltrated by imperialistic white-collar trained killers from the pathocracy due south, let alone idolize them with free signs and corporate encouragement to persecute and harass its homeless population using its own thin blue line enablers, unless they had a financial reason to profit from the exchange? Thereʼs a long documented history of Brutal Coloniaʼs ignorant municipal non-leaders succumbing to the lure of big bucks from their railyard overlords who are supposedly responsible corporate citizens, but then we read how “over the years, several CP train crews submitted reports outlining dangerous conditions involving braking issues on Field Hill… yet year after year, the reports were closed,ʼ said Kathy Fox, TSB Chair. ʻNo risk assessment was conducted and insufficient corrective action was taken”. If thatʼs not bad enough for Captain Creel and Company, “just one day before his death, engineer Andrew Dockrell had descended the same hill using maximum braking available (and) he prepared a safety hazard report about the dangerous stretch of railway” which was then “recovered from the accident site, but he never had the opportunity to submit it”. 

Do any of the Manmorons at Shitty Hall in the immoral and unethical Ghoulie Gang realize how deeply theyʼre implicated in the Creel Corpʼs sadistic shortcomings when they endorse covert ʻsafety blitzesʼ versus their poverty-stricken civilians that theyʼre mandated to protect above all? Thereʼs been lots of fruitless talk for decades about cleaning up filthy ʻRailtownʼ and bringing endangered kokanee salmon back to its industrially desecrated civic creek, not to mention promised railroad crossings and pedestrian overpasses; but Engineer Ghoulieʼs eagerness to wield Queenyʼs capstone bobbies in cahoots with his white-heritage Police State has led these “discussions” to nowheresville fast. What looks more and more like a landholding gentrification scam for Count Ghoulieʼs manservants and the Wormtongue Cartel is also a glaring symbol of the disgraceful CoNʼs obeisance to turning all of our waterfront into a hellscape where youʼre threatened with arrest, jail & ten-thousand dollar fines for daring to tread on contaminated soil not owned by the scions of Sir John A-hole. And in case youʼre wondering whether Nelsoniaʼs Police State approves of the ruthless unCanadian nonPacific jackboots, they proudly admit their allegiance to the Creel Cops which they demonstrate daily through their passive-aggressive participation in the tyrannical prosecution and overzealous harassment of our poor voters who just want to access their low-income grocery store. 

Not only do they support and defend the dastardly Creel Conspiracy, Old Ghouls and his golfing hockey buddies would rather slander the mental health of those dissenters who dare to criticize their maniacal hold over the dazed and confused conscience of this Christo-fascist soul-sucking ʻcityʼ designed to dupe people about its secretly diabolical intentions to cause harm for the sake of dirty money and white-bred imperialism. How hard would it be to cover up the free unCanadian nonPacific branding on Conductor Creelʼs monolithic diesel engines dumped outside our tourist thirst-trapʼs Crypt of Commercialism owned by the rail barons who moonlight as a real-estate monster of their own corrupt making across this stolen land? Thereʼs no way to take down the gratuitous illuminated CPR sign in the autocratic CoNʼs boozy tech-bro frathouse, which also pays its rental tithe to the rail profiteers, along with the laughably ʻneutralʼ Dark Star media empire? Is there anybody in an unearned position of dubious power in this ostrich zoo who does not want to lick the spittle off Cro-Mag Creelʼs craggy chin? Mark these words: unless the Ghoulie gangsters are turfed out on their jackasses by yearʼs end, things will never change down at rusty ʻRailtownʼ where Emperor Blacklockʼs atomic wasteland rules the oppressive day. 

Because as itʼs been said more than once, “Naziism is institutionalized bullying (when) the government approves of cruel behaviors against one powerless group of people or another”. Keep that in mind the next time you cross the tracks when you think no-oneʼs looking. And if youʼre a privileged white person like the Ghoulie Mob and the Creel Creeps, you probably think you can just run away from the CoN-approved rail cops without any consequences, right? Like any non-white and/or poor unprivileged person already knows, running from neo-Nazis with government-sanctioned guns and bulletproof vests when they insist on seeing your personal identification via physically harmful threats backed up and endorsed by your own public representatives who have sold you out to the Man is never a viable option, if you want to survive to see another dawn — or at least stay out of a Covid jail, or avoid an insane fine, or skip the hands-on street-check and potential subsequent beating. None of those Sophieʼs Choices are good for non-white people, which most white people still refuse to acknowledge, as itʼs evermore painfully obvious that white power will not go away quietly into the night. So which side are you on, Nelsonians? Those who will destroy democracy to avoid a multiracial society with true equality, or those who will stand up against the cowardly racist bullies for good? 

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