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“This is my kind of book!” —Lady Beastie

Prize-winning author J.David Forst has never been inclined to write a mainstream book, until now!

“Jamie’s flower girls are all grown up, and now they’re ready to make waves at her vow renewal ceremony in Zihuatanejo, México.”

This humorous fiction novel is a classic beach-resort party weekend, with a fun twist of double trouble!

J.David Forst is “a font of imagination and a modern Shakespeare”! – Adrian Barnes (author of Nod)

Book One of the Tropical Love Series: Flower Girls is a steamy standalone romantic comedy that’s sure to give you a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

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What’s it about?

Jamie is a film director hoping that her vow renewal ceremony and coincidental movie shoot at a beach resort in México go off without a hitch. Paloma and Ignacia are her grownup flower girls who just want to have fun in their hometown for the weekend. Soon enough, the lifelong best friends are making waves among Jamie’s wedding guests and her famous cast, with their flirtatious free-spirited ways leading to romance, breakups, hookups, mischief, comedy & love!

Flower girls go wild when they grow up.

Twenty-five years ago, Paloma and Ignacia were Jamie’s flower girls when the bride eloped on a whim with her fiancé, while the college sweethearts were on vacation in the Méxican Riviera.

Still happily married, Jamie and Harrison have returned to the same seaside resort in Playa La Ropa to renew their vows with family and friends, and their adorable flower girls have blossomed into independent students who kick off a raging first night party that sets the tone for their four-day celebration, not to mention the imminent production of Jamie’s skin flick with big-name stars.

When the vibrant flower girls charm her taken son and her hot lead actor, how will Jamie, her eclectic guests & her sexy cast handle the chain reaction of chaos that’s set off in their wake?