Launching this website!

This is an event!
Anytime you invest in yourself and take a chance on yourself it is an event. One to celebrate. Especially when you don’t know the final outcome. Especially when you are taking a risk. I don’t tend to celebrate my accomplishments enough, I am usually already on to the next thing. However, this website is my now and next thing! So I’m gonna celebrate myself here for a moment. Woot Woot!

Then I’m going to celebrate you for a moment, or longer even. I don’t even know if you are there or reading this but if you are thank you! Thank you for trying something new and coming to this website launch event. Thank you for your support! By visiting the site, that will be updated vv regularly, and joining the email list, that is the greatest easiest and funnest way to keep supporting. You could try leaving a comment?! Cray I know, but taking risks is cray, and also great. I do realize that everybody is still loving on their socials and that’s coo, but to be a Zeitgiest Cassandra one can’t follow the pack, one needs to do what they gonna do.

And so I will…..!

Danke! Woot! Jahooooooooo