So now we have Mayor Ghoulie who couldn’t care less about masks just last year outflanking the provincial government nincompoops on the left by becoming a pro-mask zealot as heʼs currently making the media rounds to complain about said Manmorons relaxing their mandatory mask mandate too early (which they did), in order to protect his precious businesses who finally see the light that their economic situations will be ruined unless weʼre all following public health recommendations around masking, distancing & vaccinations. If youʼre a veteran mayor publicly lamenting how stressed your on-edge town is, and how unacceptably selfish your own taxpayers are, thatʼs a knock on you and your inability to do the job you’re paid by them to do. What part of your mandate to protect your citizens enables you to throw them under the bus in front of the entire BC public when they’re at their lowest ebb in this endless nightmare escalated by you and your chauvinistic staff’s collective authoritarian disdain?

It took Mayor Ghoulie until November 2020 to impose a mask mandate in all CoN buildings, and even then he relaxed his own mask mandate way too early in July 2021, before complaining to one and all about how the big-bad BC NDP made him end his own mask mandate prematurely. Talk about premature relaxation! On August 6th, 2021, our unmasked Mayor and absentee MLA recorded a video on Ghoulieʼs lazy Facebox account in which they vainly pleaded for everyone else to please get vaccinated because this areaʼs insanely low vaccination rates were beginning to make national news, yet neither of them could be bothered to emphasize the need to keep wearing masks indoors amid the evolving Delta variant crisis. Neither of them seemingly spoke with each other about implementing a localized public mask mandate for indoors this summer and fall at least. Neither of them likely worked together to figure out ways to further address and reach the 18-49 cohort hereabouts who are still half-vaccinated; instead, Ghoulie decided the best way to solve our dilemma is to blame the young female MLA who used to be his city councillor, whom he bullied for two years before that. For as everyone knows, the way to reach the kids these days is through Facebox (not!), and is it not unsettling that our Premierʼs special advisor to youth is talking to her demographic like a boomer?

 In the manner of a petulantly stubborn teen, does it not occur to old-man Ghoulie that by complaining and whining to the rubbernecking media heʼs highlighting his own inability to reach his constituents and get them to do what he wants? Is self-snitching about how he has no power to influence his voters, or work with the provincial stooges to make them do so, an ideal political posture for a self-created manʼs man who rules his roost? Because other than tattling on himself, what is Ghoulie actually going to do about his negligent inactions during a historic pandemic in our critical city on his idiotic watch? Heʼs had four terms of boring villainy to get the citizenry under his thumb, and now decades after he blighted our realm like an invasive species, heʼs reduced to begging in press interviews for his subjects to do what he apparently canʼt boss them to do himself. Whatʼs the use of covetously courting power if you have none when you really need it? 

All last year, Ghoulie and his Wormtongue in the Crypt of Commerce were espousing the value of keeping businesses open and encouraging everything to keep the coffers flowing for them and their elitist cronies on Baker Street — masks and social caution be damned. Even though wise residents knew none of this would turn out well for our poor citizens for many years due to the CoNʼs proven capitalistic shortsightedness and fascistic sadism, all of our political and civic anti-heroes got lost in the delusion that we wouldnʼt be right where we are health-wise in 2021 if we didnʼt prepare for this inevitability throughout 2020. Only when Ghoulie and his hallowed wraiths belatedly gathered that their beloved downtown would suffer if we were under restrictions like Kelowna, while the rest of BC is scot-free, did they come to their booze-addled senses and conclude that they had to pull this town out of its spectacular death-spiral or else — splat! 

How will their pleadings to the plebeians make a difference in this scoreboard race to make sure that the unholy CoN does not become the ignominious community leader of a jostling pack of laggards for most cases per capita in BC? Youʼre just behind the Okanagan to be the worst, Dooleyville! Should you keep it up? Anyone who paid attention to the true hidden nature of this heritage colonial outpost knew Nelson would outdo itself in the chase to be the most entitled batch of privileged white supremacists youʼve ever seen who donʼt even know theyʼre as collectively racist and systematically ignorant as they really are. Mayor Ghoulieʼs gone from being a scruffy redneck hick who embraced hockey to ingratiate himself with the natives to a slick small-c conservative with no ideologies or moral ethics, other than what he has to do to get elected again by his cultish devotees who only care about getting theirs and being mean to everyone else. Major Ghoulie only squeaked back into the chair he used to fart in by the skin of his leprechaun teeth because the previous mayor didnʼt want the job anymore. If youth from our schools come to council and ask for cleaner air and water for their future, he scolds them about not recycling enough. Under Ghoulieʼs reign of Covid terror, his minions canʼt find 25k to keep a kidsʼ hockey rink open, which he chastises them for, but he can scrounge up six-figure contracts for his back-room boys to house an ancient speedboat when folks are sleeping alone on his cold streets and dying of toxic drugs in his parks. 

How does a menace who craves and abuses power this much possess so little power? How can a supreme bully of the fiefdom be reduced to whimpering in the corporate media spotlight when the gameʼs already been lost as evidenced by his disastrous scorecard stats? All Ghoulie can do is jab his finger at Halifax Horgsy, and say: you made me take my mask mandate off too early! Itʼs your fault, Brittny, why did I listen to your doctorʼs bad advice to open up my face for business? I love opening up for business, but you made us unmask too soon, Bonnie Henry! How can Ghouls look in the mirror and take himself seriously knowing his flip-flops and insincerities around public health advice have led to this epic debacle under his supervision? I guess the buck doesnʼt stop with Count Ghoulie in his castle. Rather, he does what most clerks in power do around here: slough it off on someone else; donʼt care when you should; and then pretend you were the real champion of the cause all along once it’s too late and you detect the whiff of desperation in the air amongst your business nobility whom youʼve harmed with your own misguided aim. 

And so yet again, we have harsher restrictions in the land. Congratulations?

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