After tons of paper cut from dead trees were released trumpeting the Beastly BC government’s so-called commitment to protecting our critically endangered ancient woods, the Nu-Dipper Party are allowing an unconscionable amount of old-growth to be sacrificed on the obscene altar of corporate greed and unsustainable predatory capitalism.

It’s one thing to be a pro-business group like the BC Conservatives who love Pepe (LePue) Poilievre and their plutocratic agenda designed to enrich the billionaire bros club even further at the expense of our future on this planet, but it’s another thing to be a bunch of so-called progressive leftists who pretend to care about doing something substantial to save the remaining vestiges of our carbon-sink forests, which could be a lucrative tourist attraction for as many decades as we have left. Instead, Premier Dweeby and his orange kool-aid drinkers have decided to dupe the public with reams of propaganda material lying about how they are any different from the previous government’s pro-oligarchic bent.

If a huge tree is a certain size, the ridiculous rules imposed by the Premier Dweeb and his yes-minions will spare said centuries-old being from the lethal chainsaw, but if the gigantic cedar beside it is just a few inches too small for their insane rulebook, then down it goes, leaving the minutely bigger specimen alone in a clearcut of unbridled devastation. Is this progress with an environmental slant, or is this just bureaucratic permission to keep doing disgusting business as usual, while you have the paramilitary Mounties’ armed backing via their Orwellian-named “community-industry response group” who are merely paid gunmen of the military-industrial complex?

When most of your not really protected stolen land after deceptively distracting consultations lies in mountainous inaccessible terrain where the real-estate profiteers and racketeering land-holders can’t build their investment properties, what you’re actually up to is padding the stats so it looks like you’re doing the right thing while continuing to devastate the lowland big-tree valleys and flats where the real sick money can be made. Dissenting civilians can protest in the woods as they have, but that leaves them at the mercy of the businessmen’s armed goons who are so unaccountable to the public who pays them that they don’t even have to produce any documents about their questionable at best thuggery when the civilian oversight commission specifically requests them. Meanwhile, the misogynistic violence-prone pigs yuk it up at their lakeside country-club in Lake Cowichan on the taxpayers’ dime without an ounce of compassion or respect for the protesters who are risking their lives to save the trees.

There are so many alternatives that exist in our modern world which can replace the need for wood to build houses and print paper, etc.. The fact that we’re still relying on the destructive technologies of the brute-force twentieth century is such an indictment against the oil, gas, pulp & lumber conglomerates who insist on taking us and all our relations one step closer to the collective grave from which us humans will never recover.

Prescient artists and Indigenous leaders have been speaking and singing about the doom we face at the hands of the resource extraction companies for decades and counting just so these fat-cat moneyed frat-boys can line their bank accounts with even more bullion at our expense. Is there anything we can do to stop their fascistic march towards the apocalyptic endgame of deadly heat and cataclysmic extreme weather that doesn’t end up with us rotting in their for-profit jails? Or are we all destined to suffer the consequences forever of the rich white men who want to put us in a global prison of pollution and putrescence for their own selfish gain?