Once again, Premier Dweeby and his incompetent Brutish Colonia government has messed up on a major file involving our Indigenous in their “unceded and unsurrendered” territory. Instead of recognizing that the courts of this province have already decided for over decade that First Nations and their like must be “significant decision-makers” in all aspects of land-based management in this stolen land, the Premier Dweeb and his egghead cabinet minister Nathan Cull royally botched their attempt to consult with the public by being deceptively secretive about the process, and now they’ve caved in like the cowards they are over their craven obsession with getting reelected this year by pausing the public consultation and essential changes to the Land Act movement that they mismanaged in the first place.

The above quotes are from Terry Teegee, the regional chief of the B.C. Assembly of First Nations, who just last week was writing in the Vancougar Sun that “many Canadians have accepted the essential and urgent need to transform their relationships with First Nations through truth and reconciliation, acknowledging the necessity for change… (and how) the proposed amendments to the Land Act are rooted in humility, recognizing the requirement to address the disregard for First Nations’ rights by the current colonial and dated laws”. Now, after Dweeb and the Orange Kool-Aid Gang have dropped the ball that should not be theirs to carry, Teegee has had to change his tune and say that “there has been mounting pressure from people strongly opposed to the plan, including political rivals of the NDP government… (and that) the backlash and backpedalling have ‘taken us back in terms of reconciliation’ (which is) ‘disappointing to say the least”’.

Rather than apologizing for their ham-handed efforts to surreptitiously consult with the public while doing the least possible to negatively affect their ruthless electioneering at all costs, Cull and the Nu-Dippers did what they always do in times of crisis, which is to blame critics and the opposition parties for their own ineptitude. While still collecting his cushy public salary, Cull the Egghead gets to admit only when prompted by a reporter’s question, “I take full responsibility for how that was handled,” without using the word ‘sorry’, while the Indigenous whose rights are still being squashed by the imperial settlers nominally in charge are forced to bear the brunt of the pushback. As summed up by Adam Olsen of the Green Machine, “by plunging into the process without preparing the public, the New Democrats ‘put First Nations in the middle unnecessarily’, (which led to) the New Democrats… feeling sorry for themselves… (while the) Indigenous people were bearing the brunt of the public outrage”.

Does Eggheaded Cull sound remorseful about his own public relations cockup when he whines, “some figures have gone to extremes to knowingly mislead the public about what the proposed legislation would do… (as) they have sought to divide communities and spread hurt and distrust… (because) they wish to cling to an approach that leads only to the division, court battles and uncertainty that have held us back”? It was Dweeby and his power-hungry cabinet’s role to make sure that these kinds of shadowy figures could not derail a Land Act amendment process that as Teegee says, is “gonna happen, there’s just no two ways about it”, so when are the white male power brigade in Dweeb’s cabinet ever going to admit that they prioritize their reelection prospects above reconciliation?

Teegee always seems to understand these issues the best, as he points out the “landmark cases in which Canada’s High Court ruled that Indigenous Peoples must be consulted about decisions in their territories” but how “far too often we end up in court… and then the judge says, ‘You, the government, you the First Nations have to go back to the table to negotiate something.’ So, we end up in the same place.” Now, he expects “the province will come up with another ‘iteration’ of the proposal”, but we’ll likely have to wait for that prospect until the Dweebster and the Orange Kool-Aid drinkers have gotten themselves through another uncertain election win which they care more about than anything else, including doing the right thing when it comes to, as Teegee says, putting us on “the path to consent-based decision-making (that) signifies an essential step toward greater certainty, shared prosperity, and a more just relationship between constitutional partners… (which) is a journey of reconciliation that demands understanding, acceptance of change, and cooperation for the betterment of all”.