Just a quick vuhaluuuuu to you today!

Tbh, it is a beach day (no not EVERY day is a beach day…!) and I am still excited to get down there and in the ocean…sigh…

Watched The Wonder on the ‘flix last night. It was good. Haven’t seen something like that in a long time. I highly recommend! The thang of it really hit home and RIP Whitney Houston “I believe the children are our future” once again rings through my head like a broken record I wish the ‘people in power’ could hear and understand…..sigh….

For the record I have always been team Harry and Meghan. I could really dig myself in a hole and go on but I will leave it there.

I am so, so very disenchanted with the fashion world right now. Which if you had told me that 10 years ago perhaps I wouldn’t have been surprised, but I would have wondered why.

The whole Balenciaga situation is just, well it is just, and then the British Fashion Awards happened and it was like everyone was in some sort of denial bubble. Fashion and clothing are one of the current biggest global climate killers, not to mention the garbage and waste and treatment of workers and and and and yet they all just carry on like it is the 80’s and we aren’t aware of it all. The odd and over the top adoration of brands is just puzzling to me and I feel like all these people know better and are choosing to look the other way. So very off putting. It is hard to see someone like Florence Pugh (of The Wonder who is so talented and watchable) also just blithely take part….sigh

….and then there is the treatment of the Indigenous People of Canada. It is actually hard to fathom and absolutely disgusting. If you don’t know about the recent events and what it is I speak of, I am curious how hard the media will make you dig to find out. Embarrassing, gross and hard to believe….sigh

But on the sunny side, as there always is a sunny side, especially here in Zihua, I am hoping to see my new vendor friend Rosario. Remember when I said I was going to make friends with the vendors and hope to practice my Spanish with them? Did I out loud that? Anyhooo she is the beach bag salad lady and she is awesome as is her bag salad! What is a bag salad you ask? Stay tuned! I will try to remember to take a photo and not eat it to fast!

Also want to remind you about Hjem Til Jul on the ‘flix, if you are getting all holiday and what not! So darn charming and good!

Danke so mucho for being here!

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