I have this distant memory of what January used to feel like for me.

Days in the winter would seem to take days. The nights even though they were on a trajectory to get less long still seemed to take years. Time was expansive and it felt liked January would never end.

I guess the ramp up and excitement of Christmas kinda helped that not to happen in December. But then in January when all that was over, it would just sink in.

Then February would offer a small glimpse of spring hope, with the occasional warmish sunny day, and much slush.

Then we all would get lulled into forgetting how March really does come in like a lion.

But all that seemed to take forever. The waiting and wanting for spring.

I get that for some people it is there go time. Some people love ‘the hill’ and all the winter things and they thrive. I guess in some ways I used to but now, for whatever reasons, it is just not the case.

So choosing to follow my dream of not wintering in Canada has been amazing.

I remember sitting in my dark living room wanting nothing more. Wondering how it would feel and if it would be good for me and my health.

In fact here is a poem I wrote last January:

I feel

Very January

In a blue kinda way,

In a I was kinda tired today kinda way.

In a has the weather always been this way

kinda way?

It’s still

Very January

and it’s something I can’t deny,

I feel very January so

I won’t even try

to feel jubilant

wonderful and gay,

Like I do

in the merry month of May.

To be here now,

what can I say

It’s very January

and I do feel that way…..


or also this other poem:

Cacti on the beach

Currently not within my reach.

I’m hoping one day soon

I’ll be under the same moon

but standing on a distant shore

where I don’t deal with snow no more.


And I am here now to say dreams really can come true! Because here I am with cacti on the beach!!

January feels totally different. In fact it is weird that it is even January even?! I’m glad the month is long as I don’t want all of this to end and time just seems to go faster in the tropics.

Even the days themselves just seem to wiz by. And the nights are done in a blink of an eye! I’m not sure how or why or the whole thing about it, but I am constantly surprised by how fast the time flies!!

It does feel nice enjoying January and not always cussing it out for making me feel blue and blah.

I was hoping that by avoiding the winter I would feel happier and healthier and I do! Hurrah!

Now I just need to figure out how to slow time down here, so I can revel in all this goodness before it is gone to fast.

I breathe. I sit in each moment. I am grateful. I take nothing for granted. I engage my senses. I am present. I feel the earth beneath my feet. I know how lucky and blessed I am to be here. To be living this dream.

Now I just need to slow things down so I don’t ever have to wake up from it!

Danke so mucho for being here.

I hope wherever you are January is treating you o.k. and you are not to blue, but dreaming up dreams of what you want to do!!

Keep dreaming cuz you never know how or when your dreams may come true. If it happened to me, it can happen to you!!

Lady Beastie

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