I’m not sure if tropical brain is a real thing, but I am pretty sure I have it!

It feels like serenity mixed with a bit of bliss, but no umph, no drive to do anything or move forward, just a relaxed present warm let’s go bob in the water at the beach and nothing else really matters does it kinda thing?

Maibe that is the point of getting cold in the winter. Everything has to keep firing to survive and keep warm, so your brain and general drive wants to keep revin. Even though it is dark and January always seems to take years to get through! Perhaps all that actually aids in productivity, if we want to count productivity as an important measure of things…!

I’m not complaining about the tropical brain, I am just observing. On one hand isn’t this sort of an enlightened state? Not sure about it all. Also wondering if my brains will ever return? Not sure about that either!

I did get very feisty and emotional about the delicious enchiladas I ate! I don’t think the picture does justice to how delicious they were. I shed a few small tears over the yum. Oh how yum. In fact we recently went back for a second time, just so my tropical brain would settle down about dreaming and longing for them. I feel more satisfied about it now! Ready to be back to zen.

I have been asked about things like what we do in a day, or what we eat in a day. So I thought I’d share.

A typical day starts with awakening to some sort of sounds, either loud music or a generator or a chorus of dogs barking or construction, which oddly enough quiets down later in the morning. It’s like they just want everybody up at the crack of dawn, then they relax. Truly is fascinating behavior.

Then lately we are eating oats for breakfast, as we don’t have a stove, with some pumpkin seeds and fresh fruit, like papaya or bananas. Oh and they have little probiotic yogurt things that we have been keeping up with too, trying to maintain that gut health!

Then if we aren’t having a beach day of rest that may include going grocery shopping in ‘the busy area’ and perhaps a meal out, or an adventure walk, we head to our favorite beach spot.

Usually we make sandwiches to have for lunch and will sometimes pick up some chips too. Salt is good in the heat!

Our place has a pool and we have also been enjoying that!

After a glorious day of meditating, stretching and bobbing in the ocean we head back to our place.

Often stopping for a fresh avocado and some fresh tortillas from the delightful local tiendas on the way back.

Dinner has been very simple and delicious bean tacos, sometimes with rice and always with guacamole, which I have gotten quite good at I must say, and queso, can’t forget the yummy queso! I top mine with Valentina salsa, which I have been almost drinking! Also we have been having a bit of a salad with radish, cucumber, jicima, a bit of salt, lime and bufalo salsa. So yum.

In the evenings we have been watching some programming, currently a Mexican show called Madre solo hay Dos, which is enjoyable but also what is wrong with these people and the terrible decisions they make!

Also we enjoyed Willow as I mentioned, fingers crossed for another season.

And also the new National Treasure series, which is right up my alley. Although it begs the question ‘can Catherine Zeta Jones actually act?’ Not sure she can. I will gladly hear any opinions on this!

Last night we watched the new and popular Jung E , which was sci fi and different than I thought it was going to be and also has a real life sad story attached to it. I could tell you, or you could watch and see if you figure it out with some goggle help. Quite enjoyed it!

That brings us to the subject of the Oscars. Fuck the Oscars. Yup I said it. What a fucked up horrible and BS institution. And this is coming from someone who used to watch and like and think maibe me one day. I was already out cuz of the grossness they have all around them but this year they have not nominated any female directors! I’m even more out and fuck them in even a bigger way than before! Really! No Sarah Polley? Also no mention of ‘The Wonder’? The fuck is that BS. Will I check out the dresses afterwards…probs. Is it all just gross BS, yes. Too bad.

Well for having tropical brain I think I did pretty good there, getting all that out. Now I must ready for the beach. We didn’t go yesterday and you would think by my excitement for it I hadn’t been in ages. Don’t know what to tell you, I don’t understand a lot about anything these days!

Danke so mucho for being here!

How’s your brain these days? I love hearing from you! I know commenting on the site seems hard but it’s not, but also I appreciate your DM’s too!

Lady Beastie