Tutorial for new post
1. Login to the dashboard and click on Post > Add New in the left sidebar
2. Add your Title in the appropriate box.
Make sure you are in the visual tab (not text) and add your post text there.
You can also add media or links inside the post by using the appropriate button/icon in the toolbar at the top of the text box
3. In the right sidebar, click on the appropriate category for your new post. Remember if you want to put it in the header and have it show up elsewhere, you need to click on Header post and the other category as well.
4. Use the featured image link to add the image that will show up in the background of your posts on the home page. By default, this image will also show up on the top of your post, unless you click on the box next to ‘hide featured image on post’ in the right sidebar.
5. Last step is to click on the ‘publish’ button.
The post should now show up in the appropriate section on the home page.

*Note that if you want to add other content such as videos, forms, interactive content or whatever else, this is possible but I will help you on a case by case basis for that (or post it for you).