The poseur eco-hypocrites at Shitty Hall posed around a new e-car they bought with taxpayers’ money, which Mayor B&B drove proudly through the Pride Parade led by certain abusive members of the local (cult)ure who aren’t the best examples for young people (to say the least!), and then a few weeks later, the White Heritage City rolls out the red carpet for the Road-Hog Kingpins to worship their gas-guzzling idolization of the prehistoric industrial-scale sins of the twentieth-century that are killing us by the day in 2023. 

Anxiety-ridden Nelsonia loves internal combustion engines while it makes a big stinky hullabaloo out of closing its polluted main drag for a block a day on most clean-energy occasions, such as the contentious downtown farmers’ markets hated by many deluded members of the Crypt of Commerce, but when it comes time for white male power boomers to haul out their money-pit altars to the stupidity of oligarchic mankind led by the Billionaire Boys Club and their manservant Business Bozos, who are ushering in the Republicanazi takeover of complicit Canamerica, the Nelsonia Police State does not hesitate to shut down the whole Baked Street Zone to placate its christo-fascists that scold citizens about “bikes and skateboards” in favour of the rich hoarders of the land-holding pyramid scheme “who just want to get out and see the old cars. It was a part of our growing up, our teenage years, and we think it’s good for kids to see this and get involved”.

Is it really good for the peers and acolytes of Greta Thunberg to see how much the profiteering narco-state beneficiaries will never want to let go of their grip on the deadly steering wheels no matter how many wildfires destroy our landscapes, communities & lungs, due to unchecked government-subsidized fossil fuel expansionism in the oily name of corrupted politicians and treasonous civil servants worldwide?

Celebrated author John Vaillant is being welcomed to the supposedly progressive leftist Queen Consort City in the same week when it bends over backwards to lick the truck nutz of the biggest event in the region, other than Sham-blah-blah’s orgiastic bacchanal of druggie excess and sexual predator enabling. What does that say about the Valley of Lost Souls’ green-city bonafides if its largest block-closing brouhaha is a slobbering suck of the white supremacist autocracy’s carbon-belching tailpipe?

As Vaillant astutely describes in his gamebreaking book, Fire Weather, “For men in Fort McMurray (or Nelsonia) who make their living in and around machines, their motorcycles, vintage cars, and snowmobiles are not small details. Shedding tears over a Harley-Davidson (or a classic car) is not unheard of here. But (when the wildfire hit), this deep allegiance to the internal combustion engine posed a major problem: residents owned so many of them … that it was impossible to drive them all out. There is an inescapable irony to (a Road-Hog’s) dilemma: the same combustive energy that had thrilled, empowered and enriched them was now manifesting itself in the most primal, potent and destructive way imaginable”.