The misled artistic and cultural institutions of Christofascist Nelsonia have a known history of blaming the victims of their omissions and sins who have nothing to gain in the slightest from pointing out wrongheaded abuses and taking protective action based on these disrespectful transgressions. It’s rampant misogyny when women aren’t believed while speaking their experienced truth, yet the White Heritage City loves to denigrate its female citizens when they dare to criticize and protest against the cult-like apparatuses which decree that they are hysterically making a mountain out of a molehill, in the vein of classic masculine victim-shaming which tarnishes the whisteblower’s reputation while questioning the veracity of their valid claims.

Just like with advice writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case against Fuhrer Drumpf, wherein she is being accused of trying to profit off her pain and suffering when she has nothing to gain from enduring years of libel, slander & threats against her life and reputation solely because a psychotic sexual predator most apparently raped her, the authoritarians in sadistic Nelsonia’s Shitty Hall played what Salon columnist Amanda Marcotte calls, “the oldest card in the book: The misogyny defense”, after they were confronted with the righteous actions of Autonomous Sinixt elder Marilyn James when she removed her peoples’ two ceremonial baskets from Touchstoned Museum due to repeated affronts against her sacred cause from the crummy CoN’s imperial settlers in charge of reconciliation and community outreach.

Instead of reflecting on what they could have done better, the colonial museum reps engaged in one of anti-Indigenous Nelsonia’s favourite pastimes, which is deriding a matriarchal elder of this stolen land who is descended from the original inhabitants of these essential headwaters which were taken from her ancestors by force and deception. Because rightfully angry Sinixt leader Marilyn James refuses to play along with the Queen Consort City’s rules as they believe they should be followed, the con-men and scarlet women of druggy Nelsonia echo what Marcotte calls, “the tedious stereotype that’s typically used against abuse accusers: That they are scheming witches only out for all the riches and rewards that misogynists assume are granted to victims”; or, as dumpy Drumpf’s irredeemable lawyer put it in regards to Carroll, she made up “a false claim of rape for money, for political reasons and for status.”

Local journalist Jim Bailey recently reviewed the disgraces committed by unapologetic Nelsonia towards Marilyn James and her peoples, which he described as “an unfortunate incident (that) occurred between the Autonomous Sinixt and Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History in 2021,” when the out-of-touch naysayers governed by the Manmorons at Shitty Hall ignorantly decided “not to include the Sinixt counter-map in its collection”, even though the project was “researched from anthropological sources and verified at both UBC and UBC Okanagan and funded by the First Peoples Council and Heritage Canada.” In response, James justifiably wrote that “it was not one incident, but rather a series of harmful choices that led to this sad day.” The Sinixt exemplar’s use of the word “choices” aligns with arrogant Nelsonia’s ongoing refusal to include reconciliatory items in their bloated civic budget, even though such delinquent municipalities have been repeatedly encouraged to plan their finances with Indigenous issues and rights at the forefront of their long overdue reparations.

Fortunately, the good people at the Museum in the nearby Land of Ross continue to demonstrate the type of forward-thinking and social empathy that narcissistic Nelsonia sorely lacks. In February, 2022, while the WASPy elitists in the conservative Valley of Lost Souls were bickering about who to blame for their misruled theatres’ loss of revenue during the ongoing pandemic when they’ve actually lost the trust of many concerned citizens in the community due to their unethical coverups and unrepentant mismanagement, the Land of Ross’ visionary Museum signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Marilyn James’ peoples that pledges their commitment “to protect and preserve cultural assets and share traditions from the Autonomous Sinixt,” while serving as a “‘Designated Repository’ for the care, storage and possible display of Sinixt artifacts, contemporary objects such as works of art, and other materials.” What is Nelsonia’s loss is the Land of Ross’ gain, as the “Recognizing Klwist” activities are part of a “community engagement project centred around Sinixt traditional ecological knowledge, language revitalization, sharing artistic practice, and developing cultural competencies for (museum) staff and volunteers.”

Imagine if negative Nelsonia had developed some of these cultural competencies, for if they had, there’s a good chance that the Autonomous Sinixt would be working in harmony with Shitty Hall here, instead of singling out its capstone white male power advocates for their constant blame-mongering and victim shame games. For as Marcotte emphasizes, “it seems silly to believe that Carroll is enjoying the experience of being subjected to threats and insults, as (Drumpf’s) defense strategy would have you believe. But that’s the point of the misogyny defense. It’s not really a defense, so much as giving people an excuse not to care.” Sound familiar, all you ostrich-like cultists of obsequious Nelsonia who reject the appeals of its victimized women in favour of supporting their misogynistic institutional persecutors?