Even those who are racist and bigoted to the core likely agree that an Indigenous truck convoy blocking the international border let alone the city of Ottawa would have been dealt with in a much harsher fashion by the colonial settler men with sanctioned guns. 

As the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation adroitly points out, “If this blockade was being organized by Indigenous people, we have no doubt that authorities would respond quickly.” So what does this mean for a purportedly compassionate country wherein most everyone knows that thereʼs a duplicitously harmful double-standard from coast to coast on an official level in how white protesters are treated versus Indigenous protesters? 

How can we as a society stand by when such a gross discrepancy exists between those who were first here and those who got here second? Doesnʼt the early bird get the worm, according to Queenyʼs draconian cult(ure)? And if so many white dudes masquerading as ʻfreedom fightersʼ have confirmed that the goons with legal guns arenʼt going to threaten them in anyway because they are somehow intimidated by the police-enabled truckers, even though the discriminatory cops would act their normal tough guy selves with the Indigenous in the same position, doesnʼt that lead to an apocalyptic scenario in which the jacked-up mavericks from Greater Alberta and their sympathizers are led to believe that they actually do have more rights to frack things up than the original people who welcomed us here with open arms before firearms were turned against them by our colonial ancestors? Smallpox, land thefts & executions have been replaced by Covid, jail & opiods, it seems. 

If legality is based on precedent, now that all three levels of government have shown us how much they coddle pale-faced protestations, whatʼs stopping future Indigenous protests from following the same protocols and procedures, other than their own common decency which would not allow them to disturb their elders and families with such nonsensical noise violations which are scientifically proven to damage innocents in punishable ways? If this many goofy gonads are allowed to systemically torture an entire populace for a week and counting, how are the eggheaded elitists in charge ever going to get the chaotic protest genie back in the bottle now? In terms of strategic chess, the tyrannical truckers won on the first day when their game-pieces were invited willy-nilly to take over and occupy the quiet downtown streets of the nationʼs capital by the cowering sycophantic hypocrites running the show on Parliament Dung-Hill. Know thy enemy? Nah, says PM Euremo! 

Itʼs amazing to watch the doofuses with badges twist themselves into contortions trying to explain their obviously racist tactics when faced with a legitimate right-wing protest movement for the first time in their spoiled careers. Somehow, most of this boomer-possessed nation thought that all right-wingers were inherently peaceful, and that they would all be good old boys endorsed by Grapes Cherry and decreed Greatest Canadians Ever alongside the ‘winner’ who endorsed eugenics just like the Nazis. Instead, what is their complicated legacy going to be when theyʼre led by an anti-semitic dictator like Pee King whoʼs never been happier in his life to torment King Turdy the Second just like he bullied all the mamaʼs boys back in high-school? Will he go to jail for this, or will he go free? When theyʼve just unjustifiably locked up Indigenous elders for much less, what do you think, eh? The guess here is that none of the liable organizers pay any price, due to the massive numbers of their overvalued WASPy voter support! 

Giving the final words to the Athabasca First Nation Chief and Council, they say, “in Coutts we see the inequities of our country when it comes to Indigenous people and the methods used to control our rights to peaceful protest. If the blockade in Coutts consisted of Indigenous people there would have been arrests and charges laid; instead, the Coutts blockade is being allowed to continue, even though it has at times become violent. We do not condone or encourage violence in any manner. It is important to recognize the disparity between how Indigenous and non-indigenous protests are approached by our government. It is shocking to see this blatant disparity as we watch the complete government inaction to address the blockade at Coutts. If peaceful protests of critical infrastructure at Coutts is allowed, then we expect the same to be true in the future should Indigenous people engage in similar forms of protest.”

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