What a glory blue sky today!

So here in B.C. the powers that be announced a vaccine card, (which isn’t even a card and makes terrible assumptions about accessibility, anyhooo) that will make it mandatory to be vaccinated to go into all sorts of places, like restaurants, theatres and what not.

There is obvs adamant people on either side of the idea.

Here’s my question of the day…what do you think should be done?!

I am curious from the anti-vaxx standpoint as well. Are you curious too?

What do antivaxxers think should be done? What would they do?

Would they have everybody chance it, carry on like ‘normal’ and start a never ending cycle of worse variants leading to mass death and sickness and the collapse of the health care system and worse??

That doesn’t seem like the most fun best times to me personally.

So I am left thinking that antivaxxers must want full on zombie mayhem anarchy or they are willfully ignorant of what their very privileged choice means. Cuz otherwise what’s their plan?

Less reactivity and more foresight would be something I am cheering for in general. OMFJ FFS

So what’s next? Just keeps getting more interesting doesn’t it?

Seriously though, if you were in charge what would you do to ‘fix’ all this schiesse?!

Danke for being here,


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