What a time to be alive!

Talk about paradox.

In the not so far past I was in the know, and now I hardly know. Such a fast turn of events. We keep living our lives in the little pockets on the planet we seek out, while the world just keeps on keepin on as tho it doesn’t matter if you have fallen behind or not.

And I have.

And that is ok and great and nice and momentarily stressful and won’t stop all the keepins from going on anyway.

Once I dive back in, (because I am curious and do want to feel like a somewhat educated, up to speed in the know kinda human person) I wonder what I will find, in the world I momentarily left behind.

Have you been in the know? Paying attention? Or on the go?

Danke so mucho for being here, for being you and for doing all the wonderful things I know you do!

Lady Beastie

#ladybeastie #letsdothis #ahtobealive

P.S. Booky will soon be on the website available for purchase! See above for why it isn’t yet!

P.P.S. Also A wee launch event at @rustyredstar’s near Nelson the last weekend in Sept. More info really darn soon. See above for why it isn’t up yet.!!!!

P.P.P.S. Feels good to be getting back tho….bit more time on the go before the big a go go!