I know the Indigenous People of Canada (IPOC) have asked settlers to take a step back as the Popes ‘apology’ tour is happening, but as a settler I do have a wee opinion to share today.

Performative. Lying, performative white egocentric racists was the hit I took from watching yesterdays ‘apology’.

I thought the Pope stuffed the blame onto the government and was unable to fully look at or talk about the depth of the atrocities. How one little old weird man in white is given so much power is beyond me? Why? Cuz he prays super hard? White robes does not a saint make.

Mainly there was no talk of action. No talk of, here is how we (the church) fucked up and then respectfully and patiently asking what are ways they (the church) can make things better going forward. Asking for the path the IPOC choose to take, and then actually doing and respecting it. Clean water much…..Many years ago the IPOC did give a list of 94 calls to action, only about 13 have been completed. Turdes smug face can’t hide the fact he has simply not done what he said he would. The most basic of all being ALL Indigenous communities having clean drinking water. Because we all know that if those communities were white suburbs they would have had clean water a long time ago. It wouldn’t even be an issue. Turdes should be ashamed of himself. Performative. Also where are the dolla bills Pope? We know you got em.

It is so beyond not enough.

A simple sorry is just not enough.


When will there be actual action?

sigh. Thoughts?

We are about to enter the heat wave here. I’m ready for it as I enjoy the heat but I can feel the world starting to panic and go hot mad around me. There were all sorts of construction noises starting just after 6 am. Dominant sound pollution madness. Your sanding project is more important than anyone else’s sanity, we know, thank you for constantly reminding us.

So much performative panic around the heat (I say performative cuz to heck with global extremeing right?) as the sound of helicopters ringing out indicates the potential loss of blue sky to smoke…

Apparently I’m feisty! How are you?

Danke for being here,

Lady Beastie

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