I have vacation brain. That’s a thing right?

However I have made it to the city!! Oh Hello Vancouver it has been a while!

So many things to say with such mush vacation brain so this should be good…

ahh beach warmth, so much gucky but still walked through it, delicious food fresh yum, traffic is a thing and also why don’t people  smile more, night walk, hot in the city, hot times summer in the city, dog shit walk time of night but then also some police driving in a pack of 3 on very very loud ATV’s through the richy rich hood, so loud, so weird, the moon, fun adventures ahead to look forward to, taking in the city vibe after not for so long, so big, so many people, I want to sell them all my book which is headed to the printers for the test copy and I am freaking out and so excited about that but also vacation mush brain, time for a shower and the daily adventures to begin.

Thank you for checking in!!


Lady Beastie in the city whaaattt???

Fun photos to come …..

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