What is winning? It’s a good question!

What is it to be a winner?

I have always thought I won at life, my wonderful marriage and beautiful son are more than I dreamed of when I was young, so that is a major huge win!

I did always want to be a trust fund child….that is not a total life win, but I wouldn’t trade it for my current wins!

If you think about other wins, I haven’t really had many of those. In my head it sees like none, but I suppose there are some people who never win anything? Some people lives just don’t present any possibilities or opportunities. Other than life wins such as health. That’s probably the biggest of all!

Have you won anything before? What do you consider wins in your life?!

I ski raced for many years and never won a gold, I did win a bronze medal at a downhill once, so that’s still winning I guess, where as my friend who I raced with won gold all the time. She had a huge stack of medals casually hanging in her kitchen. Huge stack. What an interesting thing it must have been to constantly get to stand on the top of the podium. I wonder how she feels about it now? I wonder if she would consider her husband and 3 kids a much bigger win. Probably! I’ll have to ask!

My team won the Mountain Madness race one year, that was pretty rad. The afterparty was at, what we called, syphilis city. A bar that we were just to young to get into. (Though once of age, many many nights were spent there.) I did the ski portion of the relay and I kicked for sure!

Then in university I won the first year keener award! That’s a whole story! It was tradition to have the first year keener present the award to themselves, and so I did.

And then this one time I won a raffle prize. It was a teapot. I did the technique where I put all my tickets in the least popular item, it worked, so that was cool.

This is the first time my work has ever had the opportunity to have a win. (check yesterdays post if I just lost you!)

(Also one time I was nominated for an interior B.C. music video award, so I guess that was a potential winning opportunity …!)

Like my ski racing buddy, the leader of this project has a stack of wins. I haven’t yet had the chance to ask him how he feels about all his winnings and if it is chill or if it gives him a drive to want to win more?!

Is it like a lure, once you have won, once you have felt that rush, and the possibility that it could happen again because it happened once….

Currently feeling like I have a roof over my head, heat, electricity, warm beverages

, good food, lots of love and an excitement about all my creative projects, major win. Huge win. Massive win that I am so grateful for.

Hope you have many big wonderful wins in your life, perhaps this post got you thinking about them!?

This website is a win and you choosing to come spend some time is also a win. I appreciate it!

Danke for being here!


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P.S. Here’s the link to the nominated video!! You’re welcome!!