Pretty well all the time in the naughty White Heritage City, you can hear and feel a vibratory rumble around the downtown core that never ceases. Could it be the train, the street cleaner, all-hours construction, ice-making equipment, exhaust fans, etc., or all the above at once? No matter what the source of this mind-numbing noise pollution is, you can be sure that the unwanted perpetual intrusions are being caused by some sort of misogynistic male business practice that is being conducted to generate profit for the patriarchal power-grab that is sending countless species to their graves well before their time. Will we as the human race be next?

When a society in a small mountainside lakefront city is dedicated to worshipping the armed forces of Manmoron who value profit over people, yet don’t understand the value of a tree that keeps them alive, the sick outcome is a dying populace with not enough space to deal with the ten pounds of white supremacist bullshit that christo-fascist Nelsonia wants to put in a five-pound bag. As the heroic Nelson Street Outreach workers know all too well, “There are now more seniors and more youth, and there are more people living outside”, because we live in a WASPy colonial financial institution dedicated to promoting the suffering of anyone who doesn’t fit the Business Bozos’ mold, trademarked by the billionaire frat-boys club that sucks us all dry with the majority’s eager consent. Unkind townsfolk who can’t help asking “what about us?” a la Councillor Woody create a pressure-cooker nightmare where a Street Outreach worker has to tell the vulnerably unhoused in order to get their cooperation, “Either you’re going to work with me, or they (the business) tell us they are going to call the police. And once you say police, they’re OK. We’re their preferred choice”. If you doubt whether most of the business community in the Queen Consort City loves their boys in blue on the thin blue line, there’s your evidence confirming their Caucasian settler loyalties.

You’d think anyone with half a grinch-heart would prefer to respect the inherent matriarchal authority of the Autonomous Sinixt in this stolen land over the mechanical monsters who create industrialized dystopian soundscapes and failing fossil-fuel debacles, which are raping the sacred grove in which we need to live. What’s devastating about the sad-sack CoN is how bad the nincompoops at Shitty Hall and the crypt-keepers in the Chamber of Consumerism are at their pro-autocracy jobs. For fricking instance, the ridiculously delayed dock replacement botch-job birthed by the unholy ex-Mayor Ghoulie and most of our current council including Mayor B&B is in dry-dock yet again, this time because City Mangler Comic and his henchmen cronies are so bad at what they do that the original consultants hired by the Comic Mangler “walked away” from the stalled dock replacement fiasco, while Kevy Wevvy wholeheartedly endorsed his sadistic former Chief Finagling Officer, who has now legalistically blown up the civic scene in Trailer as their new Chief Asinine Officer after less than a year on the job.

As a means of supposedly seeking improvement, blowhard gunmen like the racist Nelsonia Police State spit out a biased survey wherein disadvantaged people who are just trying to get through their harried days and sleepless nights in one piece are being asked to somehow go online and do a ten-minute survey that asks for their gender, sexual preference & other invasive questions. Same for the Beastly BC government, which put out a similarly inaccessible survey about how to help poor people that will only be filled out by rich people who support the oligarchy that’s killing us all. Because, as the downfall of classical civilizations have proven, the morbidly rich only realize that they need the rest of humanity who coddles their needs when everyone’s dead.