The dystopian Brutish Colonia government has finally announced their delayed intention to apologize for its fascistic mass incarceration of around two-hundred children from the Sons of Freedom Doukhobor community that resisted the colonial authorities’ intrusion on their disestablishmentarian ways. Yet in typical orange kool-aid drinker fashion, the Nihilist Democrats packaged their overdue token gesture with a continued refusal to compensate the victimized families and communities of those persecuted survivors, who were forced to build their own containment fence in the same ghastly place where the Beastly BC dictators locked up our Japanese community back in the day, when nobody knew what the hell Barbieheimer was (if there ever was a sign of the end times, this ghoulish double-bill is it!). 

If you were in racist Vancougar during the post-WW2 era and you didn’t want to send your kids to a punitive imperial school, the pigheaded keystone cops would order you to flee to the kooky Kutenais, where they were rounding up and exiling all the draft-dodgers and pacifistic resisters who didn’t want to play along with the gangster capitalism pyramid scheme that’s led us down this sadistic path. Back before the so-called legalization of cannabis, hippie-critical Nelsonia was an industry leader of the marijuana gravy train, where a controversial temple to lucrative weed like the Holiest Smoke could at least evade the prosecution of the Nelsonia Police State long enough to exist for decades during Prohibition in the downtown core. Even though the crooked politicians and the bigoted armed enforcers did their best to suppress the green and gold trade in this shangri-la of BC Bud, every harvest season presented a whole new schwack of cash infusions that lit up the economy like the Xmas trees soon to come that were laden with gifts earned by the cultivation of ganja. In total, there were enough savvy resisters to the patriarchal Man round these parts that one could kinda feel as if they were in a somewhat altruistic sanctuary set apart from the kowtowing boot-licker obeisance to the oligarchic corporatocracy on display most everywhere else.

How times have changed in just a short spell here in the druggie land of Sham-blah-blah, where many supposedly progressive leftists have formed an unholy union with the Conservative Republicanazi fighters against freedom in a zany crusade to ensure that their WASPy legacy-family Eurocentric rights matter more than anyone else during an unceasing planetary pandemic. Instead of banding together to protect and shelter those who choose to abstain from the rat race in a quixotic quest to experience life apart from the average boneheaded Joe, the golfing hockey cult of pro-misogyny business bozos in narcotic Nelsonia prefers to stigmatize and further denigrate the drug-using crowd around the Infernal Unhealthy Authority’s Clubhouse, at a time when three overdose deaths just occurred in a mere week, while the Crypt of Consumerism’s beloved brick-and mortar commercial taxpayers were racking up the gluttonous tourist dollars from guzzling cancerous alcohol and overeating ecologically destructive flesh.

It’s been proven many times over that shaming toxic drug-users to partake indoors produces more fatal casualties out of sight from potential help and resuscitation, so isn’t it appropriate that pompous Mayor B&B and her out-of-touch council are obsessed with draconian bylaws about not allowing “illicit drugs” in their precious parks, while blaming decriminalization among other straw-men, despite there being no evidence to suggest that recategorizing harmful habits leads to more drug use. It should go without saying that no soul who cares about humanity wants children to be exposed to potentially lethal pharmaceutical consumption on a playground, but why is taking care of the children always the authoritarian’s justification for causing further damage to our cruel society’s most impoverished and disenfranchised citizens? Again, the fascist playbook calls for taking out the lowest outcasts on our hierarchical rungs, with the complicit blessing of the industrial elites above them, who insist on their survival and well-being above all other considerations. 

So rather than serving as the hideaway for anyone who wants to deviate from the Grandmaster’s totalitarian plan, the White Heritage City has conspired in its technocratic madness to hate down-and-out unprivileged folks, just like all the other anti-Indigenous navy-boat settler cities across this stolen land.