When you’ve gone through multiple scenarios wherein most of your supposed supporters, allies & frenemies in fickle Nelsonia have not been there to ride or die with you when your physical safety, sexual security, or professional reputation is on the line, it becomes hard to have much hope that if and when the Republicanazi Conservatine Party of Canamerica takes over Maple Leaf Incorporated there will be many locals who will have your back when push comes to shove comes to jail or worse.

So many loyal citizens of the White Heritage City who have invested so much time and energy into working towards the betterment of this fair-weather community have been spurned and scorned by the cultish culture hereabouts, once they stopped playing by the straight white male power rules set out by the internal misogyny sufferers in charge of the keystone kops. It’s a long list of poor people who have been exiled from the Queen Consort City and left to wither on their own vines because they dared to speak out about the sugar-daddy boomer bourgeois bullshit that goes on in this sexual predator haven.

Anyone who doesn’t see the sadistic ascension of Pepe Le Pue Poilievre coming as the Konservative Party of Beastly Colonia rises in the polls on a wave of regressive christo-fascist authoritarianism sweeping this stolen land should pay more attention to current events that reinforce their own privileged entitled positions as shareholders of legacy family Eurocentric cash. Many readers probably believe that the Golden Heron is exaggerating the possibility that Fuhrer Drumpf and his red-hat minions could paint these streets red within the next couple of years, but those hope-peddlers are ignoring the incredible amount of oligarchy-fluffing Business Bozos in this redneck part of the backwoods that can’t wait to ‘get the liberals’ by taking their freedom away in the name of frucker-loving unfreedom. 

There’s a horde of gun-sucking, beer-guzzling & flesh-eating good old white boys in the Valley of Lost Souls who can’t wait to hate wokeness and political correctness just as much as their yankee doodle dandy brethren down south. Somehow, the so-called progressive leftists who rule the cult of gangster capitalism in the Nelsonia Police State continue to dupe the outside population into thinking the gleeful fossil-fuel burners around here care about anything other than their own slumlord land-holding profiteering and the greedy size of their financial portfolios. If you pay attention, the anti-semitic bigots who are fine with sacrificing our multiracial democracy in favour of preserving their white supremacist lifestyles are everywhere in and around the kooky Koots.

For those who deny the selfish villainous motives of a majority of their neighbours, colleagues & associates in this yet-to-be decolonized offshoot of a psycho kingdom founded by a slavocracy, leading anti-racism activist and author Tim Wise condemns their mindset, when he writes in Salon magazine, “Too many people are so desperate to find the good in people and have convinced themselves that (Canamerica) can’t produce evil leaders – or followers of an evil movement – that they just deny what they are seeing with fascism right here at home. Now, of course, if you’re Black in this country or Indigenous you most certainly know about the evil things that (Canamerica) and (Canamericans) have done. The right-wing also has a backup plan, which is if we can’t stop the country from becoming more diverse, then we’re going to at least make sure that we control the story they learn. James Baldwin observed that black people have never had the luxury of living with the myths that white people depended upon. White (Canamericans) really believe we could never do those evil things, in spite of the fact that white people as a group have done such evil things before in this country. Why is it so hard for white people to see the truth about (Canamerica)? Well, it’s so hard because we want to maintain that image of a shining city on a hill. If that is not true and revealed to be a lie, then we white folks would have to rethink our entire worldview”.