Well hihi!

Whew, a lot of things right now.

Like that I am here in my home town of Banff AB, (you may have heard it) for the scattering of my dads ashes.

That is top priority and was wonderful and happened.

Also this is the first time I am trying to maintain what I do with this website and more recently vlogging when I m on the road. New computer I am not used to,very distracted by life that I am not used to. A lot of newness.

Not sure how I am doing yet with it all, but getting anything out is currently is a small victory.

We are here for a few more days and I am going to do my best to say hihi here and get some sweet footage for later editing!

Banff itself…..whew well, more on that tomorrow!

I will say we saw 6 bears on the drive up and a fox and a rainbow!

Good stuff! Oh and also it feels great to be in a new environment, get outa dodge, it’s been a while!!

Danke for being here,


#forstmedia #banff #servuspapa