Once again, you have to read the big-city Vancougar Sun to find an unvarnished article about the real news in sugarcoating Nelsonia, this time in the form of an Adopt-A-School piece by Gerry Bellett titled “Nelson school grapples with big city problems”, about how “too many of (the) school’s students are homeless and hungry”. If you read the Dark Star or the Daily Snooze on a regular basis, for the most part you’d think that the snobbish White Heritage City is a peachy-keen swell place where pretty well everything is better than most small-towns, and that the biggest problems encountered are encouraging more people to shop local as exemplified by Wormtongue in his latest propaganda swill designed to cover up the Crypt of Commerce’s allegiance to the neocon principles pushed by the Republicanazi oligarchic revolution which has rewarded the billionaire boys club at the expense of everyone else for fifty years and counting.

The bare-bones truth about conceited Nelsonia, which concerns itself with foreign social justice issues while virtually ignoring what Autonomous Sinixt matriarch Marilyn James calls the ongoing “genocide” of her peoples in its own stolen backyard, is that “there has been a significant increase in the number of students coming to (the bizarrely named Bombers’) school hungry and needing other support such as proper winter clothing and food to take home”, and how “about 20 per cent of (the 650 students) are needing support from the school with either food, clothing or both”. Additionally, “a significant number (of students) are essentially homeless, cared for in the homes of relatives or friends as emergency housing for youth in the city is filled”.

Can you read about these calamitous issues in either of the Queen Consort City’s print media outlets, which prefer to stand up for the Creep of the Nelsonia Police State and his armed pigs’ abuse of multiple victimized citizens? While we don’t want either of the Dark Star or the Daily Snooze to fold as many small-town press outfits have in 2023, can we be surprised such entities are struggling in the new social media climate when they refuse to stand up for their own oppressed citizens in favour of kowtowing to the aristocratic agenda of Shitty Hall and the pro-business bozo programming of the white male power Crypt of Commerce? Shouldn’t we be able to read about how our regional authorities and benefactors can benefit and boost up the starving students within our own city limits, without relying on the Adopt-A-School kindliness of a metropolitan paper with its own right-wing conservative leanings?

Do we often hear about such cold hard truths in the Valley of Lost Souls’ online rags or from Shitty Hall and the Chamber of Consumerism about how “sawmills in the area have shut down and the city has lost good paying jobs in recent years such as the 400 that vanished with the closure of the electronics company Pacific Insight in 2018,” or how “the cost of rent has increased substantially along with the cost of food, forcing some families to work at two or three minimum wage jobs to cope”? How many times do we concerned taxpayers hear from our christo-fascist authorities about how they messed up royally when they didn’t support the lucrative cannabis industry during the critical (not actually) legalization phase that used to house, feed & support a massive amount of the homes, families and businesses in this former world-famous hotbed of marijuana cultivation and sustainable culture?

It could be argued persuasively that so many of the “big city problems (that) can now be found in this picturesque small city in the West Kootenays — tent encampments, record-breaking drug overdose deaths, homelessness, mounting poverty and the obvious harm all this is causing children and families” could have been largely avoided had the WASPy anti-Indigenous, anti-pot & anti-humanistic political thuggery not prevailed among the corporate and mayoral glitterati hereabouts who love their golf vacations, oversize pickup trucks & beer-chugging beef-eating gluttony more than the starving students in their own uncivil dystopia.