Who is the Golden Heron?

When the Golden Heron first came to town, a prominent businessman jock said in public that he wanted to get a few of his buddies together with their trucks one night and chainsaw that (expletive) statue down because it cost too much for the cityʼs taxpayers.

The Golden Heron likes both sports and arts. Why do we have to choose? They each involve players playing. The Golden Heron sees many things while remaining still, for now. Quietly in place, the Golden Heron keeps an eye on the horizon for whatever comes next, while knowing how to protect itself and fly away from present danger when the need arises. The Golden Heron knows what itʼs like to be privileged and persecuted, while possessing the ability to persecute its privileged persecutors—to a draw. Even it up without crossing the line is the Golden Heronʼs motto. Forevermore, the shoreline is where the Golden Heron finds time to shine.

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