Our late grandmothers took a train from Vancouver to Nelsonia (and back) in the early twentieth century, and now a hundred years later we canʼt take a train from here to Castlegar, let alone either coast. The main reason this backwards ʻprogressʼ exists is because of the mighty imperialistic invasive force called the UnCanadian NonPacific Railway, which the CoN absolutely supports without question to the point where it appears to many informed residents that the Ghoulie Gang may be in cahoots with the USA-led corporate fascists in order to suppress the dissent of our local citizens by asserting their international authority to do whatever their black hearts desire on our stolen land, just as theyʼve done since Blaylock first exploited the natives long enough to build himself such a barbaric colonial mansion on our pristine lakeshore upstream from his industrial mess. 

For decades, many townspeople have been calling for the CPR to clean up their act on our desecrated industrial waterfront due to the putrid blob of toxicity theyʼve left behind. Like a teenager unable to clean up his room unless Mom makes him, the CPR gets to deny requests for railroad crossings and remedial work without so much as a peep of protest from our kowtowing civic council and staff sympathizers apparently corrupted by CPRʼs historic bamboozlement of myriad municipal leaders and authorities in BC ever since they began hoodwinking our complicit and wealthy populace up to the present. 

Lest anyone doubt their commitment to appeasing CPRʼs fascistic bullies in Cowtownʼs ivory towers, the CoN enthusiastically supported and embraced Queeniesʼ keystone cops and their persecution of more than sixty locals by unsafe overly armed cops who could not be bothered to social distance or wear PPE while smothering our homeless with hands-on drug searches without consent during a pandemic while threatening to throw mothers and their children in Covid jails along with ten-thousand dollar fines. 

So if you know a tourist from Eurasia who wanders down to Railtown expecting to be able to to catch a passenger train to anywhere but here, you can reassure them that our Mayor, council and staff wholeheartedly support their inability to buy a ticket to ride, so much so that they are all perfectly willing to slag and slander the mental health of those citizens who question the CoNʼs submissive obedience to CPRʼs soulless shareholders who bribe City Hall toadies with their annual unholy payments to atone for all past sins. 

Has the CoN ever done anything to stand up against the CPR behemoth in any way, ever? Did our current MLA do anything actionable when confronted with the CoN & the CPRʼs devilish alliance, other than silently witness said slander of the concerned citizens which they posted online on our taxpayer-funded website? Even the deviant CoNʼs human resources manager had to concede that they do not condone its CFOʼs unwise fascistic slandering of two voters who raised the spectre of civic duplicity in regards to its worshipping of an inherently evil entity; as evidenced by the shiny free advertising that the CPR gets with their illuminated sign in our newly christened elitist tech-shrine, which drew Lisbetʼs jackboots from Alberta in the first place to threaten our people as if they owned the very land they disgraced with their domineering royal self-indulgence. 

Embedded in their own landlordʼs fake whistle-stop, the Dark Starʼs conservative media stooges feature and frame the UnCanadian NonPacific logo in their weekly inexcusable video substitutes for hard-hitting print journalism. The Crypt of Commerceʼs Wormtongue eagerly defends the CPRʼs ill-gained wrongful claim to occupy their militaristic war-zone on Autonomous Sinixt territory at the drop of a beaver-pelt hat, while he gladly pays them monthly rent as their anchor tenant. Major Ghoulie fancies himself as an heir to Blaylockʼs atomic legacy of occult-like exploitation of our fertile landscape while he backs the CPRʼs ʻneedʼ to transport dangerous and plundered riches through our fragile constricted downtown core at all costs, in order to protect the dubious property claims and values of his christian white-volk constituents. Perhaps Railtown is actually just a subversive gentrification scam to increase the property values of the CPRʼs real estate holdings in and around its rail-yard to hell, along with all the other intertwined familial interests amongst our elitist luminaries who care more about their house equity rising than any ethical or moral issues around poverty and homelessness which this backwater hick-town pretends to care about in their ignorantly discriminatory and sycophantic lives. 

A scenic lakeside city is illogically divided in half from its neglected waterfront by a villainously unaccountable totalitarian military force armed with loaded guns, bulletproof vests, unmarked minivans & crown consent wielded by unidentifiable brownshirts with unlimited powers of arrest in league with the Nelsonia City Police State and the paramilitary Mounties, and itʼs unconscionably not a ʻbig dealʼ to anyone but the odd local who can discern nuance and perceive universal truths while still daring to voice them, even though our cowardly resident ostriches fear honesty and truth-tellers above all. 

Do you personally see a problem here, or do you believe that everyone innately knows that you shouldnʼt ʻtrespassʼ on the train tracks, so it serves you right if you get caught? Sure, the train dictators may have been let off the hook by the foolhardy feds in regard to whether they directly caused the disastrous Lytton fire, but why did the sadistic Manmon zombies at all levels of politics allow the hazardous trains to run at full-speed during a combustibly unprecedented heatwave when the vocal Indigenous elders knew from experience that they would cause a devastating fire as they already have many times before?

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