The majority of beloved businesses in the White Heritage City seem to have at least one Manmoron or more who believe that they have a God-given right to yell at our female citizens for some perceived transgression which has been committed against their misogynistic enterprise. In addition to verbal abuse, these christo-fascist buffoons adored by the Cryptmasters of Commerce often figure that they can fire, slander, threaten, intimidate, harass & assault, etc., their womanly employees, coworkers & customers while getting paid big-boy bucks on the job.

Unfortunately, when brave victims of patriarchal systemic bullying speak out against their anti-social mistreatment by the white male powers that be, the most likely response at first breath is, “Whatʼs the big deal?” This callous reply can come from internalized misogynists with two x-chromosomes who benefit from kissing the asinine patriarchy on a regular basis, just as quickly as it can spit forth from a jaded man-child who is mad about you daring to criticize the cultish Queen Consort City, which wonʼt allow you back into the fold if you dare to move away from its WASP-supremacist cocoon, let alone return.

One woman alone in this racist Nelsonia Police State can experience countless offenses against her well-being that are ignored, overlooked or defended by her so-called progressive leftist allies, such as suffering through a wrongful dismissal by a supposedly ethical downtown business bozo that was rejected outright by the legal system. The same local creative can have a Unsafety Director shout at her to ʻeff-off!ʼ while the creepy ogre degraded underage women in the same timeframe at his public-funded workplace, and no-one will do anything about it, despite vociferous complaints and multiple written objections to the complicit relevant authorities.

Such a generous artist who volunteered her time for dozens of community events at their request, among hundreds of other helpful civic acts, can be traumatically intimidated by Keystone Kops’ threats of incarceration, 10k fines, patronizing gaslighting & potential pandemic exposure at the hands of unaccountable corporate gunmen, who rolled up on her in unmarked minivans intending to arrest poor people for walking on city land forcefully stolen from the Indigenous, and almost no-one really cared in the slightest among her social circle, who mostly dismissed her active disobedient resistance as an unjustified overreaction. Not only that, the cagey zookeepers at treasonous Shitty Hall encouraged the armed poachers to pick off the innocent animals under their care at will, and most herronvolk voters backed the oligarchic monolith’s sadistic quest to persecute and prosecute their impoverished neighbours.

Whatʼs fascinating is when one of the privileged appeasers willing to play along with the businessmanʼs world on account of their vested interests experiences their own form of verbal abuse from an overzealous passive-aggressive manager, whoʼs already bullied their own kooky colleagues into obliging submission. Now all the sudden, the diamond-soled shoe is on the other foot, because theyʼve finally realized that even their enfranchised high-status veneer as a white woman feminist power-player can vanish when faced with a frat-boy bigot whoʼs been granted unearned powers by a ship of slavering brainwashed fools that kowtow beneath his tinpot jackboot.

Pretty well everyone who lives in the Valley of Lost Souls knows at least one sketchy dude who canʼt handle the quartz crystal energy below the surface and flakes out in one of the greatest flameouts youʼve ever seen, except thereʼs never any negative consequences for the deviant predators who lurk in the bosom of nearly every capitalistic entity in this cannabis boomtown gone bust, due to the shortsighted discriminations of its deluded playboy apologists. Even the misled organizations tasked with solving the paternalistic problems at work are themselves rife with charismatic con-artists consumed by the dark triad of their compulsive psychopathic traits.

Narcissistic Nelsonian cavemen bros and their feminine conscripts spend so much time failing to present themselves as sensitive liberal souls, when in fact their deceptive facade is merely a cowardly coverup for their insecure need to dominate the pro-colonial nuclear family sphere of influence preferred by them and their Handmaidʼs Tale gang of tighty-whities, who canʼt see that the Barbieland sellout dystopia is chock-full of Caucasian bachelorettes, at the expense of every other demographic of womanliness, topped off by an anti-Indigenous smallpox gag that somehow manages to escape the notice of the mainstream media apocalypse.

Only a conscious uprising against the oppressive patriarchs in our communal lives will suffice, if weʼre ever going to exist in a better universe that recognizes the inherent matriarchal authority of the Autonomous Sinixt in this imperially divided territory. Ballsy masculine misbehaviour needs to be called out on the spot and forever thereafter, especially by witnesses and friends of the offended parties, with followup ramifications for the out-of-control violator from their employers, coworkers, board members & enablers, etc., even if the incorrigible dick-face is the boss! Otherwise, the grody gonads in contemptuous charge will continue to win like they have and will, unless we the unfortunate besieged are willing to stand up together as one and peacefully fight the manly machine of militaristic terror!