An emerging pattern over the last two decades in the psycho CoN is ‘friends’ pretending to be your friends as one persona, while in secret they are actually lying about who they really are and how they feel about you if and when push comes to shove. Some of us are forthright truth-tellers who would rather deal with verbal and mental conflict upfront in order to heal relationships as quickly as possible, but covert agents in this deceptive vortex prefer to hide their malevolent intentions toward you in the shadows until the time comes when it serves them best to back-stab you in a group gangbang just like Caesar. 

Even if you get along with someone for years and give them the benefit of the doubt when you get weird vibes about their questionable sincerity levels, they will still conceal their truths from you until it’s way too late to do anything about it, even though you often may just be a passive observer to their train-wreck divorce, betrayal or breakup unfolding before your dismayed eyes. They likely have no good reason at all to act like they are someone else while pretending to be your trustworthy confidante and/or your supposedly reliable creative partner. At the first sign of trouble that might implicate them in any negative fashion, most of the sycophantic hypocrites around these parts who play-act as solid responsible citizens who care about anything other than their immediate vested interests will bail on you as fast as they can — morals and ethics be damned! — if your principled stand happens to run counter to their desirously precious goals. 

Why do they bother being your friend in the first place, if they’re going to lie to you about who they are and how they’re going to mistreat you when the guano hits the fan? Don’t they realize that we would rather not be their friend if they can’t be bothered to represent who they actually are, while they shield whatever relevant information from you that could’ve been helpful to your mutual causes if they had brought it up in a far more timely and compassionate fashion? Ignorance is bliss, until you find out that your ignorance has come at the cost of your so-called allies duping you about their true characters. 

This treacherous white-heritage ‘city’ supplies its cultists with ample opportunities to scrap, claw & climb their way past you due to its endless scarcity complex and the ongoing absence of real opportunity for anyone who doesn’t fit into the incestuous Ghoulie Gang’s wonder-bread clubhouse jamboree. If you want to kiss asses and lick boots and spittle, Nelsonia is the place for you where ambitious frauds realize early on that being true to yourself and honest in your representation to others is disadvantageous at best, and that it’s better to abandon all scruples when you go to grab the brass ring ahead of your frenemy whom you pretend is your very ‘best friend’ that you will fight for forever — until you never do. When it comes time to answer the bell and stage the peaceful revolution for the good of us all against those in dubious power who oppress us, how many times have we turned behind us to note all the vanished supporters who swore they’d be there when needed? Instead of backing the righteous path, so many fake friends in the unfriendly CoN decide to dance with the machine and then shoot you down when you rage against it; because the machine hooks them up with goodies, you see, while protecting their familial mob which needs far more protecting than the common good. 

The frucker convoy supporters and their deluded ilk get all the media hype, but many sympathizers of Greater Alberta in the covert CoN are equally committed to looking out for themselves at all times no matter how much their aggressions may affect you or your crew. To quote an existential philosopher of our dark ages, “This aggression will not stand, man”! Why do such fools think they can get away with convincing you that their persona is who they truly are? Because they can, and they do, and they profit from it. That’s how you get ahead here, and everyone’s seen it work well enough without any accountability to know it’s the easiest rewarding fork to take. Those brave souls among us who dare to tread on the path less-travelled know from the get-go that they have chosen the unpopular route which features hazardous obstacles and lethal traps placed there by the horde on the opposite way who despise resisters to their misguided vision soiled by greed, selfishness & deception. When all you’re trying to do is be friends with someone you like who seems to want to be friends with you, it’s despairing when they decide to throw that relationship in the trash for no reason other than to benefit their own devious wants and needs which run counter to your aims of being honest and pure. 

Follow the law or the golden rules these days for the sake of the collective in the flailing CoN and you find yourself on the sharp end of the stick wielded by ogres and goblins who pretend to be law-abiding citizens for life, until the law turns against their privileged elitist lifestyles for the first time in their lives and it blows their minds for good or for bad. Unused to being in survival mode with their income-based reputations on the line, lost souls panic without a moral compass to guide them, leaving them prone to dishonesty and susceptible to Manmoron’s snaky tentacles which are uncoiled all over the mean streets of Major Ghoulie’s maddish Tea Party. Surrounding the Brit-tyrannical empire of Nelsonia are vast swaths of spirit-rejuvenating nature, but within these devilish city-limits, dishonesty, corruption & sedition lurk like bit players in a bad Capitalist Theatre farce produced by witches and warlocks hellbent on destroying your bastion of light with their faux-friendship and frightened protectiveness against the harsh glares of their own compromised natures. Backing them all are the merciless power-brokers of the unhallowed CoN who loom above the scarred land like colonial ghosts of the destructive past, when the seeds for the Scouring of the Shire were planted and those paid to protect us from the ones who seek to conquer us all reap the benefits from their masked deceits in the godforsaken present. Given the above, why would anyone stay here if they’re looking for love blessed with kindness, truth & ethicality? Remember when those universal concepts carried more weight than they appear to now when we need them most? 

Is there another tourist-trap anywhere that invests so much wasted energy in sweeping things under the rug and covering up their ominous sins for all the world to see? The truth comes out in the end, and you can see the moral decay reflected in the ‘success stories’ that the militaristic CoN venerates over the intangible essential resources in this rich land which Ghouls and Company will never recognize, even if you shoved them in their unmasked faces. How many amazing citizens do you know that have been utterly ignored if not chewed up and spat out by the authoritarian liars paid on our public-dime? If the CoN’s con-artists love you, they’re all over you and ready to swing at a moment’s notice; but if you turn on them in any way due to your moralities, watch out! You’re in their crosshairs next, and if you don’t get driven out of town, you’re bound to be fired. 

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