Right now in authoritarian Canamerica, we’re like a plant that needs to have its top pinched so that the rest of the plant can flourish, but instead of doing what’s best for everybody, all we’re left with is a single-stem lesser plant ruled from the top that is going to seed, meaning the whole plant will die. Is it a coincidence that the words for plant and planet are so similar? What about word and world?

In most local small cities like egotistical Nelsonia, if you try to speak out about the harms and injustices perpetrated in these nether regions by the WASPy colonial settlers who decreed by royal assent that they are in charge of this stolen land for perpetuity, amen, these nefarious villains without remorse will make you out to be a bad person, so that they can deal with how badly they have treated you and anybody else who’s not in their christo-fascist club based on the myth of merit and dedicated to worshipping able-bodied white male-power aristocrats and the billionaire hoarding class who is dead-set on killing us all, Canamerican Psycho-style.

Illiberal self-proclaimed progressive leftists prove the conservative right-wingers right when they do hypocritical things like say you should believe all women, and then when the new female mayor of Slurrey states that Brutish Colonia’s Unsafety Minister is a “misogynist” and a “bully”, these sycophants such as our very own MIA MLA hop on Lex Musky’s frat-boy propaganda shtick to gaslight a woman’s own experiences by unilaterally declaring that Freaking Farnie “is not a misogynist”. How does B.A for bad attitude know that he’s not a misogynistic bully? Because in her own experience as a white woman in his political cult spent chugging the orange kool-aid, Ms. MIA MLA is not able to recognize her own internalized misogyny, even if the trolls on her n-word friendly social media app of choice are able to sniff out a patriarchal apologist who likes the sound of their own selfish appeasement.

When Chief Terry Teegee calls for the resignation of anyone in the Beastly BC government who was responsible for overseeing the anti-Indigenous foster-care system, which has enabled another disastrous tragedy of epic proportions to unfold against two more innocent youth in their care at the hands of destructive imperial sociopaths on its gangster capitalism payroll, Premier Dweeby doesn’t bow down and ask for forgiveness, before handing over the childcare power he has invested in him back to the rightful stewards of these abducted territories. When the bereaved First Nations leaders tell him that they and their peoples have lost all confidence in the Nihilist Democratic Mob’s inability to stop the horrors that they promised to ensure will never happen again, the Dweeby Premier has the privileged audacity to mansplain to one and all that he alone will grant the offensive minister in question his “confidence”. As the prototypical civil rights activist turned corporate profiteer, Dweeby thinks that his deceptive hollow words will be enough to placate the aggrieved Indigenous who are rightfully convinced that systemic change will only come when they are wholly in charge of their own children, according to the ways of their sacred ancestors.

If you have hope that we might see a day when the respective Indigenous are more powerful sociopolitically than the disgraceful settler cultists, it’s hard to reconcile your optimism with the news that Brutish Colonia’s next premier priest of Manmoron will probably be worse than Dweeby or his covetous rival the Falconer, as Pierre LePue of the Republicanazi-affiliated Conservatives has been drawing huge crowds of antisocial extremists to his klan rallies throughout this monarchic racket, meaning that Sir John the Rusted Rat could be the first in line to succeed Dweeby as the next moneyman most likely to royally screw the dignified Indigenous yet again in our home that is native land.

And then there’s the devastated town of Lytton which has still not been rebuilt, due to administrative incompetence, after being burnt to a crisp just because the kowtowing overlords at Transport Canamerica didn’t want to piss off the railroad tycoons at unCanadian nonPacific by shutting down their firestarter trains for even one day during an insanely unprecedented lethal heat-dome that killed more than six hundred. After not being able to secure a mere eight-thousand of the three hundred-thousand required air-conditioners for the region’s poorest disenfranchised home-dwellers to battle the next killer heatwave, King Trudy the Second’s yes-men minions and the keystone train robber-barons are being sued by the Indigenous witnesses to the predicted catastrophic urban wildfire who know in their hearts that you should never trust a white man’s system of oppression, because they’ll leave you high and dry after two years of no rebuilding just so they can kiss the jackasses of their beloved totalitarian titans.