At a preschool graduation ceremony this week in the White Heritage City, a student was wise enough to know that the reason they did a land acknowledgement is because it shows respect for the Sinixt whose land was stolen from them. If a young lad like him is smart enough to recognize the truth when he sees it, then how come it’s so hard for most adult citizens of christo-fascist Nelsonia to realize that truthful ‘reconciliaction’ involves coordinating all aspects of day-to-day life in this land of the lakes with the Frog People, led by the Autonomous Sinixt being declared non-extinct and collaborated with first and foremost.

Anyone who peacefully wants to go to the ‘final Sunday of each month’ gatherings at Marilyn James’ cabin by the pithouses and the upright burial ground postures of her sun-worshipping ancestors which are unique to the Sinixt, can attend and pay obeisant respect to the matriarch of these colonized headwaters. If you want to help out the Autonomous Sinixt, you have to keep showing up to their events and eventually figure out what it is that you want to do to help out in our own personal suitable way.

Instead of showing the respect demonstrated by the preschooler, the authoritarians in management and the conspirators on the board of the corrupt Capitalist Theatre continue to disrespect the Autonomous Sinixt by hosting Indigenous events and celebrations that do not feature or acknowledge the Autonomous Sinixt in any way without receiving their blessing or consent. This purposeful denial of Marilyn James’ authority to speak for the Sinixt was ignorantly decreed by the minstrel-hosting theatre’s imperious Executive Dictator, who seem to have decided for profit and grant-winning reasons in cahoots with the Columbus Basin Distrust that it’s better for their bottom lines if they continue to act and behave as if the Sinixt on this side of the militaristic border do not exist. The trough dispensed by the coal-train robber barons is more accessible for the ableists in charge of the civic cultural con when there are no federally recognized nations in this stolen land who can take away their WASPy god-given power.

When one considers the memorandum of understanding signed by the altruistic Museum in the Land of Ross with the Autonomous Sinixt, compared to the disgraceful public relations disaster perpetrated by garish Nelsonia’s reportedly decolonizing museum, the distinct impression given is that the Queen Consort City has a particular agenda against the Autonomous Sinixt, who’s prime matriarch is badmouthed by so many taxpayers hereabouts because they can’t handle her rightful anger at how her ancestors where mistreated by the voracious settlers from first contact to today.

There seems to be two sides to this equation, wherein you either believe the claims of Marilyn James and the Autonomous Sinixt, or you don’t, and it’s incredible how many so-called progressive leftist do-gooders line up against her on account of their own selfish motives and cultish devotion to the dark side of the force power one gains from siding with the anti-Indigenous and contra-environmental minions of Manmoron.

The Interior Health Authoritarians whose former leader was just sentenced to jail for child abuse are flailing in their attempts to run a Clubhouse with a safe inhalation site at the foot of Cedar Street downtown, and the national media are getting their corporate conservatism in a knot over how much neighbours in the setting of Roxanne are having to deal with break-ins and lawn defecation.

Lost in all the elitist coverage that ignores the plight of the poor disenfranchised, and overlooked by the glut of systemic unfriendly-fire sniping among all the spin-controlling politicians and neocon powerplayers who are tasked with high-paying jobs meant to solve the problem rather than blame their privileged peers for the lethal problem, are the Autonomous Sinixt and any other regional First Nation around them who should be directly involved in any planning around mental health and physical wellbeing in their unceded territories.