Now that complicit Mayor B&B has successfully mutinied against ex-Mayor Ghouliani, with his failed over-budget pier monstrosity that’s costing taxpayers a bundle for each overdue month (four million-plus dollars and counting from the public purse that could have gone towards salvaging their collapsed live performance arts industry, for instance), will the newbie council at Shitty Hall pay any attention to the message delivered by B.C. Assembly of First Nations regional Chief Terry Teegee when he rightfully states: “To begin the process of ending racism and discrimination towards First Nations, municipalities must require their staff to participate in cultural awareness and humility training”?

Each of the arrogant incumbents on the narcissistic CoN’s newly elected council have consistently refused to address the powers inherent in the matriarchal leaders of this stolen land in any meaningful way over the course of their disastrous four-year term, so why would we think that anything will be different this time around? Are the dark arts of vampiric Count Ghoulie solely responsible for crushing the idea of “local governments considering how their actions contribute to — or hinder — reconciliation, including understanding how each department’s budget incorporates reconciliation”? Has misogynistic Nelsonia even mentioned the essential notion, as Teegee emphasizes, that “municipalities bear responsibilities under B.C.’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act action plan”, let alone that “local governments are directed to advance First Nations participation in regional district boards”?

Pay attention to the colonial CoN’s inept track record over the next few years as its white power worshipers almost inevitably choose to ignore the fact that “without putting reconciliation directly into budget decisions, there is no way to track the effectiveness of efforts to decolonize municipal governments”. It has been appalling to watch how much the overlords in the corroded White Building of the primarily white Heritage City have completely ignored their governmental responsibilities to hand over a substantial portion of their decision-making ‘powers’ to the original inhabitants of these lands and waters. WASPy councillors Woody, Pager & Bump-on-a-Log talk a somewhat good game about how progressive and enlightened they are, but have you heard anything they’ve said on the public record that’s shown an iota of compassion and empathy for those who have been displaced by the imperial machinations of Brutish Colonia? How environmentally conscious can you be if you have no respect for the environs of those who have lived here since time immemorial? Can you claim to care about culture if you ignore the cultures which sprang up from the very soil itself through its organic languages, arts & society?

Chief Teegee notes that “we have heard that municipal leaders want to prioritize housing affordability, homelessness, and the opioid crisis. The assembly reminds municipalities that collaboration with First Nations, on whose land your cities and towns sit, is key to successfully addressing these issues”. How can anyone who’s realistically assessing the debacle that is the fabric of the Nihilist Demonic Anti-Party’s dire reign of horror conclude that this navy-boat occupation of native lands by King Chuck the Cuckolder’s crime family is a good thing for the First Nations and their related brethren, not to mention the poor disenfranchised non-white people who have to put up with the Brit-tyrannical pyramid scam which rewards its elite legacy families above all other comers. If this was an honest unbiased referendum on a sadistic corporation’s relentless efforts to suck up all the natural resources and spiritual values stewarded for millennia by the proper inhabitants of Turtle Island, the cruel Crown Incorporated would have been tossed out of the so-called securities and exchange commission long ago on account of its futile incompetence and racist bigoted meritocracy. An illegitimate empire has no place telling the salt of the earth folks always from here what to do in any century, but especially one in which we know all too well how much our Indigenous brothers and sisters have been discriminated against since day-one of the wicked Windsors’ colonization crusade.

In addition to it being “of (the) utmost importance that cities and towns reach out to their neighbouring First Nations to establish connections between their economic development priorities”, will the supposed leftists on council who are actually quite conservative and regressive do anything to instruct the fascistic Nelsonia Police State to address the stark reality that “First Nations peoples continue to be over-policed across the country, making up 30 per cent of admissions to provincial custody and 29 per cent to federal custody, while only making up four per cent of the national population”? The entitled keystone cops squatting atop our bizarre library building have been busted themselves for their immoral persecution of our Indigenous (and Black) populations without any remorse or constructive apologies, and they’re also currently under investigation for their pigheaded racist discrimination; which none of the yippie boomers profiting from the Ghoulie Gang’s land-holding racket seem to care about in the slightest, as long as they can reap the ill-begotten sins of the narco-state industry long enough to buy their craft beer, which doesn’t benefit broke townspeople nearly as much as the cannabis moneymaking enterprise which they allowed to die under their ignorant watch.

It’s not all bad news though, as according to the wise Teegee, “B.C. is finally beginning to address the destructive legacy of colonialism”, and he specifically highlights that “local leaders have a central role to play”. The ongoing problem in the quixotic Queen City which just obliviously finalized its white-bred Master Heritage Plan is that everything is usually twenty years behind the eight-ball, due to its overt white male supremacy which exploded into the open during the pandemic after decades of lurking in the shadows, from wherein they stole kids from their families and pretended it wasn’t kidnapping or even something worse. Does this mean that we have to wait for 2042 for bassackwards Nelsonia to finally get its act together and catch up to the signs of the times? Based on the disdainful evidence from the last four years, there’s a more than likely chance that enabling Mayor B&B and her fellow sycophantic returning councillors will continue to disrespect the Indigenous of the Valley of the Lost souls just as they always have.  Against all odds, will the three brand-new members on council turn the tide and substantively change course on how the crazed Con treats its more-than-capable partners in our Indigenous communities, or will they perpetuate the generational harms practiced by the diabolical Ghoulie Mob led by their cold-blooded City Mangler as predicted? We’ll just have to wait and see; but in the meantime, don’t let their ship of fools get away with their usual condescending patriarchal bullshit.


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