If you believe the conniving Dark Star, their oafish tinpot dictator Mayor Ghouliani is running to be reelected for yet another excruciating term; but if you subscribe to the stenographic words of the cop-owned Daily Snooze as reported a day later, wicked Count Ghouls has yet to throw his leprechaun hat into the lordly ring. In order to jinx his sadly realistic chances of success, given daffy Nelsonia’s complicity with the Ghoulie Gang’s mafioso-like hold on the colonial reins at anti-Indigenous Shitty Hall, let’s assume that John Boy is planning to terrorize the inebriated masses once more in a show that no-one should want to watch anymore if they had an ounce of social conscience.

For the third tragic election in a row, it looks like the Ghoulish Irishman will be facing off against one of his disaffected longtime woman councillors who were sick and tired of their paternal chauvinistic boss’s tired brand of ill-conceived malarkey. This feminine rebuke of his lordship’s totalitarian ways comes after multiple other councilwoman have abandoned their political careers after just one unhappy term due to Captain Ghoulie’s unrepentant bullying and sadistic glee in stiffing all of his poor subjects who don’t bow down to kiss his christo-fascist ring. Our MIA MLA who crowed about the Nihilist Democrat’s chop down the Old Growth Policy (which has been rightly called out for its lies and deception in actual fact by many Indigenous peoples) chafed under Major Ghoulster’s iron fist and went through her own official process of enduring the crucible of his disdainful disrespect when she was a councillor under his greasy thumb.

If clueless Nelsonia votes Old Man Ghoulie back onto his boozy technological throne, it deserves everything bad it will get from rewarding his hideous karma. The logical alternative is to vote for his latest begrudging former employee, even though she’s been voting in lockstep alongside Old Man Ghouls for most of her endless terms while they and their colonial cohort continue to ignore the inherent powers bestowed upon the local Indigenous matriarchs by the Creator since time immemorial. At least we can take some consolation that one half of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse ruled by the Mad Dog Mayor and the City Mangler are gone from the hallows of Shitty Hall, as their vampiric manservant Renwick has retired from sucking the blood of his master’s hapless subjects, while Chief Finagler McClueless has been banished from the lurid realm to eat smoke in the gritty streets of Trailer. Only spineless Councillors Woody and Bump-on-a-Log seem to be willing to serve again under the Greedy Ghoul, so when the Grandmaster himself says that his over-aged experience is needed to steer the neo-CoN through the next so-called tumultuous years, what evidence do we have of his leadership skills, other than he’s evidentially got one of the worst track records imaginable for a blighted captain who has suffered many a mutiny on his sinking ship of awful fools?

The Ghoulies’ misogynistic white supremacist tendencies were shunned and defeated recently by the Supreme Wonderland Court of Canamerica when their misguided attempt to persecute the woman constituent who was injured on account of Shitty Hall’s wholly inadequate snow-removal policy (among countless other safety-oriented deficiencies) was unanimously trashed by seven judges to zero. So when the City Mangler and his lap-dog mayor faced a subsequent court-ordered further trial that would dissect and fault the incompetent CoN’s self-centred modus operandi, suddenly they found it in their corporate black hearts to settle in absolute secrecy without revealing how much public cash they ruthlessly squandered, in order to avoid any more civic embarrassment paid for by their embattled taxpayers and egged on by the sad-sack legal beagles who rip off our bottom dollars over and over again.

Conductor Ghoulie’s failed authoritarian regime further showed its jackboot ass when his beloved “safety blitz” by the late Queen’s keystone cops deep in the dirty pockets of Corporal Creel’s railroad tycoons revealed its complete farcical inadequacy when a brushfire broke out right behind Shitty Hall in the crack by the tracks where a homeless camp was allowed to thrive despite being in the shadow of the civic cronies who reward the Nelsonia Police State for conspiring with the paramilitary Mounties and the choo-choo train brownshirts to persecute our underprivileged citizens who just want to access the low-income grocery store and the prescribed drug clinic. What’s the use of threatening irate mothers and their scared children with arrest, jail-time & five-figure fines during a planetary pandemic if you can’t even deter one grassy blaze within the fart stink of Constable Ghoulio’s fugly backside?

All around we us we have ample evidence of one weak strongman’s inability to steer our imperial navy ship on stolen land. The sole reason to reelect a debauched disgustingly stubborn public representative like the Curse of Ghoulieville is if you believe in white male power lording its bigotry over every other constituency that doesn’t look, act, talk & think like the Man himself. Narcissistic Nelsonia is spring-loaded with sociopathic conmen who really want their token girlfriend or wife to behave just like their best boonie-bike golf bro, so there’s every reason to believe that these fraternity fruckers and their indulgent scarlet women will stump for the toxic mediocre Road King who has pissed off pretty well every self-respecting woman he’s encountered in a professional sphere, leaving us yet again with another four years of King Ghoulingham’s condescending patriarchal bullshit.

The Golden Heron isn’t the only observer who understands that white boomer men and their regressive nonsense have been ruining Canamerica since the civil rights movement of the sixties led to Reagonomics and all the WASPy anti-Indigenous skullduggery that we’ve had to put up with for fifty years and counting; but what Ghouls & the Gang and their sordid good ol’ boy ilk don’t seem to realize is that the tide is turning with most savvy youngsters turning off the savage elitists’ pro-oligarchic boob-tube mind programming, giving democracy one more chance to actually work for the people and not the evil entities like the Corporation of the City of Nelsonia that only care about protecting their non-human existence against the very organic bodies that create and feed them.

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