Have you ever heard anyone on Shitty Council or its supplicant staff do anything actively substantial about the second biggest killer of our oft-ignored citizens whom they are mandated to protect? Mayor Ghoulie and his savage minions may have paid useless lip-service to these province-wide crises, but have they actually publicized how they support Doctor Bonnieʼs request for the feds to treat overdoses and addiction issues like healthcare matters and not criminal ones? Nope, instead they try to derail a proposal for a street nurse to help their disenfranchised voters, while enthusiastically supporting Lisbetʼs keystone rail copsʼ unmasked and invasively hands-on persecutions of the same poor victims. 

In a similar vein, unless heʼs really the patriarchal pool-shark huckster and swindler that he appears to be, how can Heat-Dome Horgsy write op-eds about Bullish Coloniaʼs “first-class healthcare” which he received on his full-scale benefits and pension package when surgeries are cancelled due to Covid, more people are dying from lethal drugs per day than Omaʼs Cron & our Indigenous patients are more disadvantaged than all of us? 

As our real-life DaVinciʼs Inquest coroner pleads over and again without an adequately timely response from her politicized bosses, “We need decision-makers at all levels to recognize and respond to this public health emergency with the level of urgency it demands.” How many decision-makers do you know who are responding with urgency? 

“After more than half a decade of counting the dead,ʼ B.C. Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe laments about the provinceʼs ʻother pandemicʼ that now kills more than six a day because its victims are considered less worthy, ʻthe longer I have been doing this, in particularly this job, not only are the policies and laws that we currently live under misinformed, I really believe they are actually doing harm. We are punishing people who are already experiencing problematic use, we are using all sorts of resources, law enforcement, courts, jails to further harm people who are already suffering.” 

Youʼd think after hearing such a dire statement of irrefutable fact from our primary civilian expert that the despicable CoNʼs authoritarian non-leaders would be talking about how to save at least six lives a day in whichever way possible. But when you have too many white-bred establishment figureheads obsessed with haggling over regional district salaries, etc., amid an ongoing pandemic and drug-overdose provincial emergency for six years, youʼll end up with a cult of mostly disgraceful incompetents who fight over each other to work together to do nothing at all. Where are the weekly emergency updates for the reeling public and our harried service providers from Dixie, the Ghoulies, or Frankly Farnie? Why donʼt the deceptiCoNs at Shitty Hall trumpet from the rooftops about how many dangerous drug sources, official enablers & illegal agents there are in this perverted town, and how they need to do way more as a supposedly civil society to save our working-age white men, let alone everyone else beneath them on societyʼs pyramid of discrimination with our bisexual racialized population pretty well at rock bottom and sinking like a capstone in these murky WASP waters? 

When the culpable CoN is eager to have Queenyʼs jackboots throw our unthreatening drug-using homeless victims in jail with ten-thousand dollar fines during a pandemic by non-social distancing brownshirts from Greater Alberta, is it not chilling to hear our Chief Coroner say with palpable dismay, “Now when I step back and I look at the public policy and the legislative approach and social response to people who use substances, all I can think is, the only people who benefit from this are the drug traffickers. If I was a conspiracy theorist, which Iʼm not, I would think that somebody up there or more than one person making millions and millions of dollars out of the drug-trafficking regime does not want this to change. All this does is feed into drug traffickers and it costs society an enormous amount.” Is it not amazing that Madame DaVinci hasnʼt stormed the Leg herself in abject frustration at the lack of results-based action from the faux blue-collar Nihilist Demonic non-Party? 

Now there are plenty of rumours on these mean streets about how the Nelsonia Police State runs the drug trade in Trailer, while keeping their own turfs relatively clean so that they and their boozy tech buddies can deviously exploit the fine young women of this systemically corrupted area without guilt by association, but who knows if thatʼs as true as any other wild downtown theory. What we do know is that the only souls who pay the price for such prolonged trilateral government inaction are the overdose victims and their mourning allies, while the civil servants to Manmon who are paid by us without fail no matter how much they fail pandemic test after drug-war test freely deposit their safe cheques. Are sycophantic elitists wholly to blame for these neglected individuals dying, day after day, a six-pack at a time? No, not if they donʼt directly participate in the deadly transactions themselves. But why are we paying all these sanctified clerks who are financially protected when weʼre not, if not to save as many lives as they maybe have with Covid in all circumstances at all times with all sorts of types and income levels? 

If we have more young Indigenous women in prison than any other relative demographic and more drug deaths relatively amongst our Indigenous populace (not to mention the fedsʼ drinking-water and residential school scandals, etc.), what kind of sick country are we, other than one which inspires the alt-right ʻlunaticsʼ on both sides of the Canamerican border with zany truck convoys for ʻfreedomʼ that seek to overthrow freely elected democratic representatives via a fascistic coup of honking ʻChristianʼ zealots? 

The trucker f*ckers have already negatively impacted the deadly drug crisis here in the colonial Heritage City, as many businesses again actively defy DBHʼs public health mask mandate (belatedly and reluctantly endorsed by Mayor Ghoulie) which adds to the strain on the IHʼs desperately stretched healthcare snafu that leads the province in staff shortages and surgery cancellations yet again. When we see a bunch of white-owned businesses bow to their poncy clienteles by arbitrarily deciding that theyʼre not wearing masks at all anymore (against public health laws!), this will inevitably create more sick deniers in hospital who donʼt need to be there and are now occupying beds and nurses that are severely shortchanged right now; thereby leading to less attention being paid to the non-white addicts who are overly represented in criminal and healthcare statistics, due to their collective trauma suffered at the systemic hands of establishment whiteness. This vicious cycle of privilege and persecution by the white-volk majority is emboldened by the passivity of boomer-land and all the boomer wannabes who get to ignore the plight of our stigmatized drug-users in their comfort bubbles of greedy wealth. 

The end result is unnecessary deaths amongst a demographic that has died too much who are overlooked by an exclusionary bastion of selfish settlers obsessed with their own rights which are threatened for the first time in their lives by undiscriminating foes. 

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