Ready for a rant?

I have a whole thing about laws. I get why they need to exist, some people have a hard time self regulating and we need to discourage bad or violent behaviour. Legit I get it.

But, I have enjoyed using cannabis in my life, having open alcohol in public, going topless on a beach, and different various other things that technically were against the law. (Some of those have been rightfully changed now!) However in those cases, I am not hurting anybody. There is also that idea for me of who made up these laws that I am supposed to follow other wise I get jailed or fined or whatever? Usually I feel like it was some FOW, white privileged, colonial, misogynistic male asshole. And very often I am like what does anything that dip shit has to say about anything have anything to do with me and my life. But here’s the thing. I had a genuine ‘fear’ of being ‘busted’. That feeling of helplessness where I am like, I am good person not hurting anyone so just leave me alone and please don’t arrest or fine me. Especially when I know that white dude down the block is going to totally get away with that rape he is committing. Does he have a fear of being busted? Or does his privilege and whiteness offer a protective barrier where he knows he will get away with it before he even does it? Where as if you are an indigenous woman, you better not even j-walk or jail time for you. Or a grandfather and his granddaughter, just being people trying to open a bank account, full cuffs for you. I’m not exaggerating. I wish I was.

What are laws even, if they are going to just bend and change based on how white you are, how much money and fame you have and who you know? If it’s a law shouldn’t it be treated as such, cuz it sure was taken as far as it could be whenever I have had a run into it.

Now, we have all these examples of FOW, white privileged, colonial, white supremist, misogynistic assholes who are dangerously breaking all the laws and not feeling any of the helpless ‘oh shit” because they are not getting into trouble because of money and their white maleness, fame ect. You think if Drumpf was black he would get away with any of his shit?! He would have been in jail the first time he frauded a bank or grabbed a white womans pussy FFS!

So then the laws feel arbitrary don’t they, like if they don’t matter for you, why should they for me? Just because these people think that  they have more money they are more better, doesn’t mean I feel that way. I feel like a much better person than all of them, and yet I am the one who was threatened by CP police to be fined and put in jail for MY safety, (as they didn’t wear masks), because I walked across a train track?!! Heaven forbid! Yes that is a true story, yes people I know sided with those CP police. Yes the down and out man they were also harassing probably didn’t get off without a ticket like we did because he didn’t have enough priv. He most likely got tossed into the back of the unmarked van. For his safety….Yes it blew my mind. Yes it was a prime example of what I am talking about. Only this time my whiteness and privilege worked in my favour. And If you don’t know anything about the CP police I suggest you do a bit of reading cuz they are some fucked up scheisse. The way I have seen them, with my eyeballs, work with the city cops here is beyond disturbing. That is for another day. Or the Golden Heron has some good articles about them too. Anyhooo

Why am I on a super rant about it today?! Well because I have been going on morning walks and everyday I walk through a school zone. I don’t know if I have even once seen a car slow down for the kids. Everybody just guns it! Seriously, pedal to the metal gunning it!! So why don’t they think that speed law applies to them?! I feel like they are the same people who would side with the CP police or be disgusted at boobies at the beach. Do you see the inherent problem here? Gosh I hope so.

You know those people would loose their minds if a ball bounced onto the street and because they were gunning it they couldn’t stop in time and hit a child. Or would they? Most of the drivers look like they are parents as it is. Perhaps their kid just doesn’t go to that school so it’s cool to gun it through that school zone because they are not in danger of hitting their own child. Just someone elses, nbd right?!

I hardly drive. I have a lifestyle, which I set up in a way that I don’t have to. Also, I am aware of not constantly buying and burning gas just so I can cruise around here and there. But when I do, I ALWAYS slow down in a school zone. Especially to my delight as it absolutely pisses off the asshole drivers who just want to gun it, and they ride my tail so hard and I can see their frustration in my rearview, as they just want to go so fast and play potential chicken with the children, and so I just go slower.

But yeah, I’m the bad guy cuz I walk across train tracks and enjoy cannabis and what not. Coo coo coo cooo coo coo. Better jail me for MY safety. Yeah, cuz that makes tones of sense especially to the taxpayers paying for my jail time. Makes a swack of sense? No?!

Maybe it’s hard for you to understand these feelingings if you have never been profiled by the cops and constantly followed because they made a judgement about you because you don’t fit into the little norm they think you should, so that obvs must mean you are a criminal. Low rider bicycles and pink hair does not a criminal make, but hey thanks cops for treating me like one.

Thinking the law doesn’t apply to you as you speed though a school zone in my mind does a criminal make. Well, mainly a selfish asshole. Those speeding assholes have a disregard for human life other than their own. Do they not? Disagree? Bring on the debate. I feel like if they cared for others they would respect that the law that is there for the safety the children. If you are going to be an outright dick to kids you are probably an outright dick.

Beyond frustrating. Especially because today it was raining so people tend to dive extra fast in the rain, I guess cuz they are scared of getting wet in their cars? Fucked up.

Can we please fucking re-renaissance this whole system already?! All of it! Laws, democracy, city planning, how we deal with FOW, white supremist, colonial,  misogynist people who always think they are right and the best people to run things and make the laws and also be above them?!

This Canamerican experiment just seems to be getting more selfish and self centred by the minute! Hey, thanks for that social media.

Don’t be an asshole. Slow down in school zones.

End rant.

Danke for being here and your clicking support.


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