Remember a few posts back I was asking about some new content to consume?

Posting a comment is hard. I never do with the stuff I click on either, I get it!

However a big danke to Jeffrey for being brave and posting great comments! Adds a whole new voice and thing to check out on the site.

That being said if you ever get brave enough, I’d love to hear from you!

Anyhoooo very interesting Liselesque story about the watching of things!

I decided I didn’t want to watch the deaths of teens on Welcome To Eden on the flix, even though I do think about going back sometimes…So instead I chose to take up Black Spot, a French series on the flix that has ALL the gore and deaths all the time?! I mean…. I don’t get myself either? I am really enjoying the tone of the show. Tone can be such a hard thing to get right. It’s not like I am recommending tho because of all the gore and deaths and what not, plus I’m not done and the ending can make all the difference as to whether or not to start!

Also a plus for Black Spot is Laurent Capelluto. I have seen him in other shows and he is just so darn compelling to watch!

But the the main most exciting of the new viewing things is…..there is a new season of my favourite show Love On The Spectrum on the flix!!! Aieeeee The previous seasons were in Australia and this one is in the U.S. Good golly it is great. People who are on the spectrum are the best people and we can all learn so much from them and the different gifts they have. Like, I know that is general, I know. Here’s the thing for me though…. It’s not like I think I am on the spectrum. I don’t really, ishy, but also I can very much relate to a great majority of what they say about how they feel in the world. I don’t feel human and am constantly confused and curious and baffled by the world around me and peoples behaviour and how I fit into all of it because I never really feel like I do. Nor do I really want to. I feel like I really tried to in the past and it just lead to health issues and other situations. This show and these character fill me with joy and make me feel not so alone in my weird self.

I guess that is part of this website and my vlogs and giving myself a public voice, because I never see anyone seeing what I see and so I want to share, I suppose to offer a different, unique voice, as mine does seem to be to out there. I mean it’s out there, just not out there. Also to potentially show somebody else who may feel like me and not feel grounded to stand in themselves, that it’s ok not to think the same. It’s ok to stand strong in yourself, even as people you love are constantly confused by who you are and what you choose to do or how you choose to live. Not an easy path to be sure.

I know there are a lot of voices on the internets and socials trumpeting all the self loves and you be yous, but that is probably not a bad thing. The more the merrier.

Danke for being here and your continued clicking support!


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