Here’s an idea from a non essential artist that may have worked but I think we are too far gone now!!

Instead of the powers that be treating us all like four year olds and just bossing everyone around and trying to use incentive and threat tactics as if we all didn’t make it through high school.

turdes (haha that was a typo but I’m keeping it!!) and co’s best going for an Oscar “this must stop now” is really what they think will work, like seriously, I mean trudes is rocking the euremo haircut soooo….I guess anything is possible….Did the people in power all attend private school and not have to deal with bullies and high school?! Cuz their tactics are just the most juvenile and terrible and confusing and will never work. (Or I guess they are working for their their political gain…) Again the ‘non-essential’ artists could be used to help with their tactics, and how to have high status in a scene and get what you want. Curious if they have spent any time on the y’tube watching all the live feeds of the ‘freedom fighters’? Doesn’t seem like it. Might be a good idea, something that as an actor I would do for the scene I was rehearsing, so I knew what I was in for, who I was up against, and go over tactics and the scene, to be prepared to get what I want. #acting #artistsareessential

I guess I come at it from a moral and ethical place of wanting to work things out for people as opposed to trudes who is getting what he wants with the conservative in fighting, bullying and division that will just keep his truanon cult in power. coo coo.

‘They’ forget that truckers are good at the long haul.

Anyhoo, a million pandemic years ago, instead of barking at us, all the powers of the world could have collaborated with artists and scientists and created little educational animated short movies. Yes, that’s right like the ones you watched in high school to explain different things. Working on a grade 11 biology kind of level, they could have scientifically and animatedly explained the virus, what it does, and the vaccines and how they work. If misinformation is one of the biggest problems then why isn’t there a mass spread of information? Not just a bobble head talking and claiming to know best and boss everyone around. A continuing series of educational material that treats us as if we have brains, as if I was in school learning biology. If it is science, then teach us the science. And give all the ‘non-essential – bad actors’ some opportunity.

Anyhooo January is finally over Jahoooo!

Already I can feel my brain thaw and get busy!

Currently finding it all fascinating! Are you?

Danke for being here!


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