Hihi just a wee Monday roundup!

Ole trudes testing Covid positive only fuel the truckers and anti- vaxxers. What timing!

Rhianna is pregnant! Glowing, beautiful, wowza, go Rhi Rhi!

Madonnas’ latest post is drawing interest because she is of an age and posing in her underthings. This is not the shocking bit to me. The shocking part is her face. WOWza she doesn’t even look real! Also her butt implants are quite something. I would have loved to see Madonna age defiantly and still look like Madonna. It feels like she completely bought into what she was initially fighting against.

Will the truckers keep protesting? So interesting. Will they keep honking their horns all night? How much honking can people handle?! Such an interesting situation.

Is January over yet?!

Danke for being here,


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